Danotek Receives Additional Orders for Permanent Magnet Generators from Tecogen

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Danotek’s PM generators are thermally optimized high power density systems that reduce operating costs by their superior performance and reliability.

CANTON, MI (January 9, 2011) —Danotek Motion Technologies (Danotek), a leader in the development and manufacture of highly efficient and reliable permanent magnet (PM) rotating equipment for the global wind energy, distributed generation, and electric vehicle markets, has been awarded a blanket purchase order from Tecogen Inc. (Tecogen) for the supply of forty (40) 100kW PM generators in 2012.

Tecogen of Waltham, MA, is a leading manufacturer of natural gas fueled engine-driven cogeneration systems that deliver optimum cost savings from innovative technology, consistent service, product quality and adaptability. This purchase order extends a long-standing relationship between the two companies. Since 2005, Danotek has supplied Tecogen with more than one hundred PM generators for integration in Tecogen’s high efficiency cogeneration modules, specifically the flagship InVerde Ultra 100 CHP module.

Danotek’s PM generators are thermally optimized high power density systems that reduce operating costs by their superior performance and reliability. High efficiencies at rated and partial loads are critical in enabling Tecogen’s CHP systems achieve overall efficiencies exceeding 90%, and the lightweight generator’s unique reluctance design produces negligible cogging torque making its performance ideal for cogeneration and distributed generation applications. Superior performance is supported by robust operations, especially the PM generator’s low operating temperatures, high quality class H insulation, and lack of brushes and slip-rings that combine to enhance reliability and durability.

“Tecogen is pleased to continue the successful relationship we’ve had with Danotek,” said Mr. Robert Panora, Tecogen’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “Our InVerde Ultra 100 CHP systems deliver high efficiency and reliability that maximize our customers’ energy-related cost savings. With their excellent performance and low maintenance needs, PM generators developed by Danotek are vitally important components within our CHP systems.”

All forty PM generators are scheduled to be delivered from Danotek’s Canton, MI, facility in 2012 with deliveries commencing mid-February. Once integrated by Tecogen, they will add value to advanced CHP systems installed in colleges, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, large residential facilities, hotels, and similar facilities that have a demand for electrical and thermal energy.

“We highly value our close and highly cooperative relationship with Tecogen” said Danotek’s Senior Program Manager, Greg Bac, “This latest multi-unit purchase order is a further testament to our capabilities to deliver equipment and support services that add value to Tecogen. We are very excited about the products Tecogen is developing for the marketplace and being a part of providing customers with clean and efficient energy solutions.”


Danotek Motion Technologies develops and manufactures highly efficient energy conversion systems for the wind energy and industrial markets. Danotek has patents pending on several innovative products, including permanent magnet (PM) generators and power electronics for wind turbines as well as variably speed propulsion and accessory drives for the electric and hybrid electric vehicle markets. The company is based in Canton, MI.

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