Danfoss FLX inverter series – When experience meets innovation

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Get ready for the new three phase transformerless inverter series from 6-17 kW


The FLX is the result of the accumulated knowledge of Danfoss’ considerable experience in the solar industry. It is the answer to hassle free installation, high yields and easy commissioning and use. It is naturally designed for reliability. Danfoss is the first inverter manufacturer to launch a 2nd generation three phase string inverter. It is your guarantee that the 2 billion hours of real life experience Danfoss has, is combined with the latest thinking and technology to bring you a flexible and robust inverter.

Higher yields

String inverters from Danfoss are well known for their flexibility and versatility. They can be used in around 40 different grids designed into complex residential installations as well as giant power plants. This has not changed. The FLX is every bit as flexible as its predecessor, even adding a power size to the range. It still has 1000VDC, 3 truly independent MPPTs, a very broad MPP range from 250-800 V and a flat efficiency curve, ensuring you get max utilization of your system.

And the FLX has more

As the demand for self-consumption increases the engineers at Danfoss have come up with clever answers; ACC


Adaptive Consumption Compensation (ACC) ensures that although you are limited by e.g. the 70% rule or another power limitation, you can still utilize your full power potential. If you have self-consumption, the inverter acknowledges it and calculates it in. Hence the inverter adds the self-consumption to the 70% power output allowance at the PCC and then produces that amount. In real life it means that the grid operators get their peaks evened out, which was the object of the power limitation rules, and you get full utilization of your investment, which is your objective.


Similarly, if you have larger systems with more inverters Dynamic Power Distribution (DPD) will ensure that under power limitations the inverter that has the most power potential is allowed to feed it in. Normally, the power limitation is distributed evenly across all inverters in the system. Even if one inverter has panels in shade and therefore does not fulfill its allowance, the other inverters cannot compensate and fill up the gap. With DPD activated they can. The inverters know exactly who produces how much, and they know the level of system limitation at the PCC. They then ensure that power potential is passed on, increasing the overall yield of the plant.

Reducing losses due to shades to a minimum

The FLX includes an advanced PV sweep functionality, which ensures that PV Sweep is activated at specific periods of the day, when shades occur. The periods are specified in the web interface. Several periods can be entered for each of the strings. It is proven that regular PV sweeps can significantly increase the output of a string during shading conditions.

FLX – Coming soon

The new FLX is already installed in plants with great success. It is coming to distribution in January 2014.

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