Cypark To Build Renewable Energy Park For RM94mil

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Cypark Resources Bhd, a solid waste management company is investing RM94.29mil to build a renewable energy park (RE Park) with grid connection on a 26ha remediated landfill in Pajam, Nilai.


Cypark Resources Berhad (“Cypark”)’s Renewable Energy Park project has been included as one of the Entry Point Projects (EPPs) of the ETP as announced by the Prime Minister (“PM”) today. Cypark will spearhead an initiative to build a Renewable Energy Park (“RE Park”) on 26 hectares of remediated landfill in Pajam, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. The remediation and closure work of this landfill together with other 16 landfills have been carried out by Cypark. The proposed RE Park involves the integration of three potential resources available at the landfills i.e. Solar, Landfill gas (Biogas), and Waste (Biocell) into a scalable renewable energy project capable of generating up to 10 megawatts of power in Pajam Landfill alone.

The Proposed Sustainable Economic Transformation of Non Sanitary Landfills into RE Park is in line with the Government’s Economic Transformation Program (Oil & Gas and Energy: EPP 10) and shall be carried out through the private investment initiative of Cypark.

For the RE Park in Pajam, Cypark is planning to invest RM94.29 million to build a total of 10 MW renewable energy with grid connection. The project is expected to generate Gross National Income of RM12.16 million each year for the next 21 years, totalling RM255.36 million.

The RE Park will unlock the economic potential of landfill sites. Through a sustainable program outlined by Cypark, the economic opportunities of unsanitary landfills, otherwise locked and lost for at least 15-20 years, will be realised in the near future.

The RE Park involves the integration of three potential resources available at the landfills i.e. solar, landfill gas (biogas) and bio-cell into a large scale renewable energy project.

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