Codrington Wind Farm

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Grid-connected, distributed generation, renewable – Victoria, Australia

How the farm operates
Codrington is Australia ‘s largest wind farm and represents the first fully private investment in a wind farm in Australia.It consists of 14 turbines with a combined capacity of 18.2 MW. The turbines are AN Bonus,each with an electrical capacity of 1.3 MW. The turbines are mounted on tubular towers 50 metres high.The rotors have a total diameter of 62 metres.The blades pitch to optimise the power produced and to control the rotation speed.
The turbines rotate from 13 to 19 revolutions per minute. Power is produced at wind speeds of between 3 m/s (10.8 km/h)and 25 m/s (90 km/h).

Electricity sales
Power is generated at 690 volts and is eventually stepped up to 66,000 volts with a transformer for connection to the grid.The turbines are connected through underground 22 kVA cables before being connected to the local 66 kVA grid.Origin Energy has entered into an agreement with Pacific Hydro to purchase all the power produced at the site. The
generation will be used in Origin ‘s Ecosaver Green Power product,and any surplus will go towards meeting Origin ‘s liability under the Renewable Energy (Electricity)Act 2000.

Information about the site
The site is owned by two farmers who lease access to Pacific Hydro.The turbines take up less than 1 per cent of the area of the farm,which continues to be used for sheep and cattle grazing.Farm activities are unaffected by the turbines.

Environmental impact of the farm
The Codrington wind farm produces enough energy to supply more than 14,000 homes, and Pacific Hydro believes it will abate the equivalent of up to 88,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. A comprehensive consultation process took place examining local environmental impacts including birds,flora and fauna,Aboriginal cultural issues and local visual and noise studies, as well as its socio-economic impacts.

Owner: Pacific Hydro
Capacity: 18.2 MW
Location: Codrington, Victoria
Commissioned: July 2001
Capital Cost: $33 million
Construction Contractor: AN Windenergie
Operator: Pacific Hydro

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