ClearEdge Power PureCell® Fuel Cell Fleet Surpasses One Million Hours of Operation

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ClearEdge Power has announced that its 400 kW stationary fuel cell, the PureCell® Model 400 system fleet has reached a major milestone – 1,000,000 hours of field operation, the equivalent of saving more than 660,000 barrels of oil or planting more than 9,000 acres of trees. PureCell fuel cell systems are among the cleanest and quietest on-site power generating technologies available in the world today, meeting the strictest air emissions requirements in the United States. With a system that is highly energy efficient and virtually pollution-free, no fossil fuel is combusted in the production of power.

“This is a significant milestone for our PureCell Model 400 fleet and our company,” said David B. Wright, President & CEO. “Our industry-leading product availability yields the life cycle value that changes the competitive landscape for both centralised and distributed power generation.”

The PureCell Model 400 system provides up to 400 kW of assured electrical power, plus 1.5 million Btu/hour of heat for combined heat and power applications. While central power plants achieve efficiency percentages in the low-mid 30s, the PureCell Model 400 system can attain energy efficiencies up to 90 percent by converting the heat by-product into useable energy. This means PureCell systems are able to extract more usable energy from the same amount of fuel, translating into significantly lower energy costs.

Robert J. Falaguerra, Vice President of Facilities, Support Services and Construction at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford, CT has two Pure Cell Model 400 systems installed, one each at the Saint Francis and Mount Sinai campuses. “Both our PureCell systems have brought a high percentage of reliability to the electrical systems they feed and at the same time saved a significant amount of dollars off natural gas fuel purchases. This technology is definitely the wave of the future and should be pursued by all users of electrical power,” said Falaguerra. Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center has been a pioneer in the successful incorporation of fuel cells, having powered part of its main campus with a previous generation PureCell model 200 system for several years before upgrading to a Model 400 in 2012. PureCell systems are dependable and durable energy solutions. With an ultra-clean design, optimized performance and streamlined installation, PureCell systems are the recommended choice for facilities with baseload heat and power requirements. Additionally, customers gain significant energy density and location flexibility with the Model 400. From basements to rooftops, indoors and outdoors, PureCell systems require a fraction of the area and volume required to generate the same power as that produced by equivalent solar/wind systems.

Source: ClearEdge Power