China Solar Grade Polysilicon Industry

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In-depth research report on the global and Chinese solar grade polysilicon industry.

2012 Deep Research Report on China Solar Grade Polysilicon Industry is professional and in-depth research report on the global and Chinese solar grade polysilicon industry.

The introduces the solar grade polysilicon industry with definitions, classification, industry chain information and more. The authors then outline polysilicon manufacturing technology and process (Siemens or FBR). The report also provides key process specifications and applications.

A summary of statistics (2009-2016) for major international and Chinese major polysilicon manufacturers, including solar grade (SG) and Electronic grade (EG) polysilicon capacity production, supply & demand (mainly silicon crystalline solar cell demand and semiconductor wafer demand), market shortages, polysilicon selling price, cost, profit margin and production value.

Key information is provide for these 28 international and 40 Chinese major polysilicon companies, such as: EG polysilicon capacity production, price, cost, profit margin, production value, etc. The authors also present polysilicon project Siemens CVD reactor sources or project design and construction services partners. Other information provided includes polysilicon materials cost, electricity cost, depreciation cost, labor cost, polysilicon manufacturing cost and cost structure (especially cold hydrogenation for low cost polysilicon). All data represents historic (2009-2011) and forecasted (2012-2016) periods.

Finally, this report presents a 3,000ton/year polysilicon project feasibility analysis, with investment return analysis.

Findings are collated into research conclusions and a development trend analysis of the polysilicon industry in China.

This report is an essential resource for polysilicon industry players and is composed with the support and assistance of polysilicon industry chain experts and enterprises through surveys and interviews conducted by the QYResearch Team.

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