Intersolar Europe 2012: Press Agency Krampitz exhibits the first public relations handbook for the international renewable energies sector worldwide

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The Press Agency Krampitz is showing its PR Handbook for New Energies at the joint stand for young, innovative companies at the trade fair Intersolar Europe.

The work, at 230 pages, is the first handbook on press and public relations especially for the international renewable energies sector worldwide.

For the second time, the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology (BMWi) will be supporting the participation of the PR specialists from Cologne – this year in particular for its innovative book. “The growing pressure from competition and the cutbacks in the feed-in tariffs make strategic press relations especially for solar companies even more important”, explains the main author and publisher Iris Krampitz. Many companies of the sector have, however, neither a marketing, nor a PR strategy – something the agency boss knows well from thirteen years of experience in the sector and was able to confirm in a poll she took at the Intersolar Europe in 2011.

“In our handbook, we show managing directors, marketing and PR managers of biomass, solar and wind-power companies how they can reach the right target groups by taking suitable action using strategic PR and how they can increase their marketing success by a greater presence in the media”, Krampitz says.

The agency has already sent more than 100 copies of its PR handbook to 14 countries all over the world, only two months after it appeared: to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Singapore and Spain.

Please come visit us at the Intersolar Europe in Munich!

The Press Agency Krampitz will be presenting its products and services from 13 to 15 June at the trade fair, Intersolar Europe in Hall B2 at Stand 170F. On 13 June from 5:45 p.m., we cordially invite all Intersolar visitors to a presentation of our handbook, including specialities from Cologne and Carnival music from “Ne Rheinische Jeck”. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Press Agency Krampitz

The Press Agency Krampitz was founded by the certified chemist Iris Krampitz in 2004 and has concentrated solely on public relations for renewable energies since then. The press agency is geared to providing the entire range of PR services, oriented both nationally and internationally, for companies and institutes in the renewable energy sector, especially the solar branch. The range corresponds to that of a full service PR agency, but it also works on individual projects for customers.

The Press Agency Krampitz attends to journalists and customers in five European languages. Krampitz currently has seven permanent employees and works with numerous free-lance workers.

Publisher and Press Contact

Press Agency Krampitz

Public Relations for Renewable Energies

Dillenburger Straße 85

51105 Cologne, Germany

Tel. +49 221 912 499 49

Fax +49 221 912 499 48

The PR Handbook for New Energies

Interested parties can order the PR Handbook for New Energies for €29.90 inclusive VAT (excluding postal charges) at the Press Agency Krampitz in German or English. During the Intersolar Europe, the agency will be selling the handbook (without postage charges) at its fair stand. Reading samples and an order form can be found at the following link:

Iris Krampitz

PR Handbook for New Energies

Press Agency Krampitz, Cologne, 1st Edition (2012)

Softcover, 224 pages, DIN A 5

ISBN 978-3-00-036647-5 (German)

ISBN 978-3-00-036646-8 (English)

Price: €29.90, incl. VAT, plus postal charges

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