China releases 2011-2015 plan for solar photovoltaic industry

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China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has released the 12th Five-Year Plan for the solar photovoltaic industry (2011-2015).

According to the program, the solar photovoltaic industry is expected to enjoy a stable and fast growth. Products including polysilicon and solar battery will meet requirements on installed capacity set by the development plan of renewable energy resources.

Moreover, China will make efforts to help leading enterprises make their businesses good and strong. By 2015, leading producers of polysilicon are proposed to achieve a capacity of 50,000 tonnes, and major producers 10.000 tonnes. Leading producers of solar battery are expected to achieve a capacity of 5 GW, and major producers 1 GW. Meanwhile, there will be 1 photovoltaic company realizing sales revenue of over 100 billion yuan annually, 3-5 photovoltaic companies having annual revenue of more than 50 billion yuan and 3-4 producers of specialized photovoltaic equipments achieving an annual revenue of 1 billion yuan.

The plan also points out that the main theme of the industry is to reduce the cost. By 2015, the cost of photovoltaic module should be lowered to 7,000 yuan/KW and the cost of photovoltaic power generation is expected to fall to 0.8 yuan/KWH.

During the period of 2011-2015, technologies in the solar photovoltaic industry will get an overall improvement. The recycling ratio of silicon tetrachloride, hydrogen chloride and hydrogen in the polysilicon production will at least rise to 98.5 per cent, 99 per cent and 99 per cent respectively. The efficiency of industrialization will reach to 21 per cent for monocrystalline cells, 19 per cent for monocrystalline silicon cells, 12 per cent for amorphous silicon thin film cells and the production of new film solar cells will realize industrialization.


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