China aims to have 10GW of installed PV capacity by 2020

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Li Junfeng, secretary-general with Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA), said the country would have no difficulty to realize 10 GW of installed solar PV power capacity by 2020.

China earlier planned to form 300 MW and 1.8 GW of installed solar PV power capacity by 2010 by 2020, respectively, according to a national medium and long-term development plan for renewable energy in 2007.

The country is winding up a stimulus plan for renewable energy and will significantly lift its development goals for renewable sectors like wind power, solar power and nuclear power.

The upward adjustment means hundreds of billion yuan in additional investment within the coming decade.

China will build multi-score-MW solar PV power stations within 2009 in addition to the concession bidding of 10-MW solar power station in Dunhuang this March, said Liang Zhipeng, division chief with National Energy Administration.

Speaking at the 4th Renewable Energy Finance Forum-China, Liang said it’s more realistic for Chinese state gird operators to buy solar PV power at about 1.5 yuan (US$0.21)/kWh despite as low as 0.69 yuan/kWh quotation for the Dunhuang project.

Moreover, China is mulling over the release of national feed-in regulation for solar PV power in a bid to secure healthy and fast development of solar PV power stations.

Now, China exports about 98 per cent of solar modules made and only has a small amount of installed solar PV power capacity.

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