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CENTROSOLAR introduces linear performance warranty for photovoltaic panels

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Extended warranty gives customers maximum investment.

Hamburg, Germany, 13 September 2012 [www.WorldOfPhotovoltaics.com] – Centrosolar AG is enhancing its warranty conditions. Effective 1 August 2012, the company has introduced a linear performance warranty covering all S-Class panels produced at the Sonnenstromfabrik solar factory. This new linear warranty provides customers with maximum protection of their investment by precisely defining and guaranteeing the minimum performance of their PV system.

The new warranty conditions replace the previous two-level model, which guaranteed a minimum overall panel performance for either the first 10 or 26 years. The linear warranty, on the other hand, specifies the performance for each individual year. Customers can now count on a stated minimum level of performance for their solar panels and thus for their yields every year, thereby greatly increasing reliability and predictability for system operators. During the first year, the panel output is guaranteed to be at least 97 per cent of the certified minimum nominal output. Over the following 25 years, Centrosolar guarantees that the panel output will not decrease by more than 0.68 per cent per year. After 26 years, the nominal panel output will still be at least 80 per cent.

Centrosolar is the only company in the industry that offers a 26-year linear performance warranty. “A variety of test procedures substantiate the high quality of our panels. We carry out over 60 quality assurance measures during production. In addition, Germany’s TÜV Rheinland technical inspection association performs external tests to verify that our panels are resistant to PID, salt spray and ammonia. This allows us to extend our warranty conditions and give our customers even greater protection,” says Ralf Klein, Managing Director of Centrosolar AG. The reason for the high quality and long life of our products is not just because they are made in Germany exclusively at Centrosolar’s Sonnenstromfabrik solar factory; it is also because the panels incorporate high-quality components, almost all of which are provided by European suppliers.

The new linear warranty applies retroactively to all panels sold since 1 July. The product warranty is not affected and is still valid for 10 years.

About Centrosolar

With locations in Hamburg, Paderborn and Kempten in the Allgäu, Centrosolar AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Munich-based Centrosolar Group AG. The Centrosolar Group is an international company with over 1,000 employees and annual sales of €300 million (2011). All of the subsidiaries offer products and solutions for converting solar energy into electricity. The product range includes photovoltaic (PV) systems, PV mounting systems, solar glass and project planning for PV systems in the megawatt range. The Centrosolar Group operates a panel production facility in Wismar, Germany (annual capacity: 350 MWp) as well as solar glass production facilities in Fürth, Germany, and Huzhou, China (total capacity: 8 million m² of glass). Subsidiaries are located in Germany, France, Italy, Greece, the UK, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the US and Canada.

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