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Cape Wind President Jim Gordon Statement

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Statement of Cape Wind President Jim Gordon on Mass Tank and EEW Plans to Build New Manufacturing Facility in Massachusetts Creating 100 – 350 Jobs to Make Cape Wind Foundations & Transition Pieces.

Cape Wind is thrilled with the news that Mass Tank and EEW are going to open a new manufacturing facility in Massachusetts to make Cape Wind’s steel monopile foundations and transition pieces. We are pleased that Cape Wind is helping catalyze the emergence of an offshore wind manufacturing and supply chain in Massachusetts.

These new manufacturing jobs coming to Massachusetts, along with the 600 to 1,000 construction jobs and 150 (direct and indirect) jobs during the 25-year operations phase for Cape Wind will help establish Massachusetts as a leader in offshore wind energy.

Last week the US Department of Energy announced that 43,000 new American jobs can be created from offshore wind power if we get moving now. Also last week Interior Secretary Ken Salazar granted Cape Wind with the nation’s first offshore wind lease. Yesterday, Google announced it was investing millions of dollars in an offshore wind power electric transmission network. Taken together with today’s exciting announcement, these events send a powerful market signal that U.S. offshore wind power is getting ready to create tens of thousands of jobs and provide a substantial amount of clean energy to light up the cities of the east coast.

Click here to read Governor Deval Patrick’s press release with quotes from Governor Patrick and representatives from Cape Wind, Mass Tank, and EEW:

Cape Wind is America’s first offshore wind farm to secure Federal and State approval and to be issued a lease to operate by the Federal Government. Cape Wind will create jobs and promote greater energy independence and a cleaner environment. Cape Wind will also establish Massachusetts as a leader in offshore wind power. For more information visit www.capewind.org.

Source: Cape Wind

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