California's largest wind power projects has been approved by Kern County

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The Alta-Oak Creek Mojave project was approved unanimously

The wind farm would include up to 320 turbines in the mountains between Tehachapi and Mojave that could generate up to 800 megawatts.

Kern County is reviewing a number of proposed wind projects that would generate a combined 4,600 megawatts of clean energy if approved.

Terra-Gen is actively developing wind energy projects, with an emphasis on the west and mid-west regions of the United States. Terra-Gen have a significant development effort underway in Tehachapi, California involving up to 3100 MW’s of wind power, with the first 1500 MW’s committed to Southern California Edison under a long-term PPA. Terra-Gen is also working on greenfield wind energy projects in a variety of other states, as well as acquisitions of wind development efforts from smaller developers.

Global Infrastructure Partners Announces Strategic Investment in Terra-Gen Power

Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), an independent $5.64 billion infrastructure investment fund, announced today that it has reached agreement to acquire up to a 40% convertible preferred interest in Terra-Gen Power Holdings, LLC (Terra-Gen) from ArcLight Capital Partners, LLC (ArcLight). Financial details of the investment were not disclosed.

Terra-Gen is a leading US renewable power generation company that owns or operates over 800 megawatts (MW) of renewable power facilities, including geothermal, wind and solar projects across a broad area of the United States. Terra-Gen also has over 5,000 MW of renewable energy projects under development. Following completion of this transaction, which is expected by year-end, ArcLight and GIP will be partners in driving the continuing growth of Terra-Gen.

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