AWEA statement on Administration's Manufacturing Tax Credits

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American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) statement on Administration's Manufacturing Tax Credits announcement


The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) today released the following statement from AWEA CEO Denise Bode following the announcement by the Administration of the awarding of $2.3 billion in clean energy manufacturing tax credits and the President’s call for an additional $5 billion:

“AWEA welcomes the Administration’s announcement of $2.3 billion in tax credits for clean energy manufacturing and President Obama’s call to Congress to provide an additional $5 billion in such credits. The U.S. wind energy industry appreciates the speed with which the Administration is providing this support. These tax credits will be critical in sustaining manufacturing activity in the current economic downturn. However, in order to maximize the renewable energy jobs expected as a result of these tax incentives, and to build up a strong renewable energy manufacturing base in the U.S., these companies need a more certain market to sell into. The industry is still vulnerable to the impacts of on-again off-again tax credit policies. A Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) with strong, aggressive near-term targets is the best way to provide the certainty needed for companies to expand domestic wind manufacturing.”

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