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AnaeCo advises it has received Official Notification of Allowance from the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry for the patent which covers the core DiCOM™ bioconversion process.

The DiCOM™ bioconversion process is already covered by granted patents in Australia, the United States, Canada and China, and is pending in the European Union.

Patent protection is a key element of AnaeCo’s intellectual property management strategy, which underpins the stated business model of commercialisation through licensing and technology transfer. AnaeCo has patents granted in several countries for its two initial patent families (the DiCOM™ bioconversion process, and Pressure aeration of organic waste material), and has filed a further nine International PCT Applications for discrete elements of the DiCOM™ System. The Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT) covers 146 countries, with the filing of an International (PCT) Application establishing a safe protocol under which each Application is examined, and allowing 18 months for AnaeCo to select the countries in which it wishes to pursue corresponding national patent filings.

AnaeCo Managing Director & CEO Patrick Kedemos said, “I am particularly pleased to have obtained this patent approval in Japan as, anyone who has experience of international patent registration will know, the Japanese patent examination regime sets a high standard, and this highlights the uniqueness of our biological process. It is very comforting to have the core DiCOM™ bioconversion process patent allowed in Japan, and this will add credibility to our business development efforts in Asia and the rest of the world.”

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