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Advanced Energy Highlights Market-Leading PV Inverters and Service Offerings at Solar Power International 2010

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (NasdaqGM: AEIS) will be featuring its complete line of market-leading PV inverter solutions and PV system operations and maintenance (O&M) capabilities at Solar Power International 2010. The show, one of North America’s largest events for the solar industry, is scheduled for October 12-14 in Los Angeles, CA.

Advanced Energy’s innovative offerings are part of the company’s strategy to provide customers with a complete portfolio of inverter solutions that address the entire range of the fast-growing solar inverter market. This includes innovative Solaron® and PV Powered™ solar inverter technologies, coupled with the company’s SiteGuard® whole-site O&M offerings. This strategy has enabled the company to achieve the number one share position in North America for PV inverters in the first half of 2010.

Visit the Advanced Energy’s Inverter Showcase at Booth #1201 and the PV Services Showcase at Booth #3313 to learn firsthand about new breakthroughs in PV inverter technology and whole-site service offerings:

  • Broadest line of market-leading PV inverter products: Advanced Energy offers a complete line of PV inverters that span utility-scale installations to smaller residential needs. Solaron and PV Powered inverters are raising the bar on solar power performance by delivering industry leading efficiency, a better levelized cost of energy, and a complete portfolio of lifecycle services.

  • Solaron PowerStation™: The latest addition to the award-winning product line includes integrated Solaron PowerStation solutions from 1 MW to 2 MW. The PowerStation solutions incorporate the Solaron commercial and utility-scale grid-tie inverters, delivering a record-breaking 97.5% CEC-weighted efficiency and 98.5% European-rated weighted average efficiency. The PowerStation integrated solutions maximize energy harvest and reduce project costs by providing easy, fast, repeatable installation. They are available in open skid and enclosed container configurations and include inverters, switch-gear, and a medium-voltage transformer. Recent installations include a 1 MW PowerStation for REC Solar’s coastal PV array in California.

  • PV Powered PowerVault™: The PowerVault is a factory-assembled turnkey inverter power plant with DC inputs on one side and medium voltage outputs on the other. Its integrated design eliminates the need for separate pads, trenching and conduits between components, significantly reducing the need for field labor and accelerating the construction schedule. This makes the PowerVault ideal for use in the North American market and for getting the most power out of the new lower-cost thin-film solar arrays. These value-added features have enabled significant market traction in 2010, with five new PowerVault-based projects being installed in Q4 2010.

  • SiteGuard® Program: The SiteGuard whole-site O&M program covers all of the maintenance needs of the PV array. It simplifies O&M by consolidating the activities with a Global Services organization that for decades has supported multi-billion dollar, 24×7 manufacturing facilities in the semiconductor and other industries. Sites with AE inverters can opt for the SafeGuard® 99% uptime guarantee program to maximize power production and reduce LCOE further. Asset owners, integrators, and EPCs gain from AE’s inverter expertise and site quality benchmarking reports and have awarded AE dozens of sites, of which over two-thirds do not have an AE inverter, demonstrating the confidence the market has in Advanced Energy’s Global Services.

  • PV Data Monitoring Solutions: Advanced Energy’s innovative data systems deliver choice, convenience, and simplicity. Both Solaron and PV Powered inverters connect to many industry-leading third-party solutions. The company also offers low-cost, easy-to-use inverter direct data monitoring of commercial and residential installations through™ and the Solaron IDS™ remote monitoring solutions.

  • Expansion into Canada: The company recently announced the expansion of its operations in Ontario, Canada. The expansion includes the creation of a new legal entity and a strategic relationship with a global leader in electronics manufacturing services based in Ontario to manufacture the Solaron and PV Powered PV grid-tie inverter products.

About Advanced Energy
Advanced Energy (Nasdaq: AEIS) is a global leader in innovative power and control technologies for high-growth, thin-film manufacturing and solar-power generation. Advanced Energy is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, with dedicated support and service locations around the world. For more information, go to

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