ACCIONA Windpower obtains accreditation enabling it to sell wind turbines in Brazil under special financing conditions

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The company's customers can now access low-interest loans granted by the Brazilian National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES)

ACCIONA Windpower, an ACCIONA group subsidiary dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of wind turbines, has obtained accreditation allowing it to sell wind turbines in Brazil under special financing conditions for its customers. This represents a major boost to the company’s commercial strategy in a country whose wind power capacity potential is one of the best in the world.

The accreditation was granted by the Banco Nacional de Desarrollo Económico y Social (BNDES) of Brazil, after ACCIONA was seen to comply with the local content and manufacturing requirements contained in the new FINAME rules applicable to wind turbines.

In March this year the company put a wind turbine hub production plant into service. It purchases the blades and towers for the turbines from local suppliers, as well as other components. By the second half of 2014, ACCIONA aims to have an assembly plant for 3-megawatt nacelles, in addition to fulfilling additional requirements laid down in the FINAME rules.

The fact that ACCIONA Windpower complies with the local content requirements established by the BNDES consolidates the company’s position in the Brazilian wind power market. This offers the company a whole range of opportunities for the sale of its AW3000 wind turbine, a quality and competitive machine adapted to the country’s wind power potential.

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