3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 Expo

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August 10 – 12, 2009India’s quest for energy security and sustainable development rests a great deal

on our ability to tap energy from renewable sources, and to use it extensively

to meet our growing and diverse needs. With faster economic growth, the demand

for energy will rise further, and we will need to supplement our energy

requirements by harnessing renewable sources of energy. The threat of global

warming and climate change due to excessive use of fossil fuels increases the

urgency of finding environmentally benign ways of generating


India is blessed with an abundance of non-depleting and

environment friendly renewable energy resources such as solar, wind, biomass,

hydro, cogeneration and geothermal.

The Indian scientific community is

mandated to accord the highest priority to exploring and harnessing the

tremendous potential of renewable and clean resources of energy. India is

implementing a large programme for the deployment of renewable energy products

and systems, and is the only country in the world to have a dedicated Ministry

for New and Renewable Energy (MNRE).

3rd Renewable Energy India

2009 Expo is the melting pot for global technologies. It is a platform

to provide value for the domestic industry and showcase opportunities in the

Indian market for global players. It is a forum to nurture business contacts,

imbibe the latest technology trends, cultivate business relations and prepare

for the exponential growth of renewables in India.

Please visit our site today to find out more: http://www.renewableenergyindiaexpo.com/sectors.html

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