Zorg Ukraine will construct biogas plant in Indonesia

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ZORG UKRAINE has got the contract for biogas plant construction in Indonesia.

Biogas plant will be based on a dairy farm waste.

ZORG UKRAINE will perform engineering works, 100% equipment supply and plant start up services. Construction of concrete digesters will be done by local Indonesian construction company.

Total electric power of biogas plant that consist of 4 digesters 1,34 MW. Project is planned to be implemented within 2010-2011. Budget of the project’s first stage is about 2,5 million Euro.

Zorg was chosen as supplier after the Client’s visit to operational biogas plant located in Kiev region in October 2009. As per Client’s words biogas plant is the same as in Germany, made of the European components but almost twice less in price. ZORG UKRAINE Ltd. works under German technology license for biogas plant construction and uses European components. Reduction in price is possible due to Ukrainian assembly and engineering.

Zorg was established with the purpose to cover increasing demand in Ukrainian market. But currently almost half of the orders come from the neighbor countries. Indonesian order is 20th in Zorg’s portfolio and the one that is considerably widens projects geography.

Source: Zorg-Biomass.com

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