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ZORG’s innovation leads to 30% increase in biogas production

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Zorg announced a unique development in the field of biogas technology.

Enzymes, company’s new product, substantially increase biogas yield of the old biogas pants and the new one.

Biogas is the industry with a turnover running into billions of US dollars. Hundreds of thousands of biogas plants are operating around the globe. The discovery made by technicians of Zorg Ukraine Ltd, a subsidiary company of SwissZorg Biogas AG, is capable of establishing changes in the industry field.

Enzymes are natural proteins, responsible for the process of metabolism. These chemical components are biocatalysts i.e. their presence causes and accelerates the transformation of organic substance. Most types of enzymes are catabolic – involved in the process of decomposition, while 3-5% are anabolic – responsible for synthesis. Bacteria and mold fungi produce enzymes that decompose organic matter. ZORG’s new product, a highly effective biocatalyst, is the result of an application of a unique technology of synthesis of various kinds of enzymes.

Enzymes application in the production of biogas provides effective results and lower expenses: the major advantage is 20-30% increase in the biogas yield produced from the same amount of raw materials. Amount of enzymes needed in production of biogas is extremely small – 100 grams for 1 ton of dry organic material used in biogas production i.e. the biogas plant with capacity of 1 MW requires 2 kilograms of enzymes per day.

Source: Zorg Ukraine Ltd

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