World Biofuels Markets Brazil

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28 – 29 September 2011

São Paulo, Brazil

Join us at World Biofuels Markets Brazil 2011 to drill down to the key opportunities in this region right now. With a focus on technological advances, innovation, finance and investment and the culture of partnerships in first and second generation biofuels – this biofuels event will truly cater for both local and international key industry players. We will explore the opportunities and challenges that Advanced Biofuels represent for the country in addition to first generation biofuels and the feedstocks which will open up a new window of opportunity for sustainable energy production.

Agenda outline:

Keynote session:

· Getting To Grips With The Here And Now

· The Future of Advanced Biofuels

Technology and Innovation

· Upstream Feedstock Innovations

· Conversion Technology Advances for Second Generation Fuels

· Scale up and Commercialization

· Aviation Biofuels Ready For Take Off

Regulation and Sustainability Certification

· An EU Perspective on Sustainability and Certification Developments

· Focus on US perspective of Brazil

· Regulatory Policy on Genetically Modified Organisms

· Practical iLUC Strategies

Finance and Investment

· Biofuels Economics

· Investor Perspective: Securing Project Finance

· Strategy and Structure for Advanced Biofuels Expansion Financing

Partnerships and Joint Ventures

· Partnership Case Studies

· The Impact of Joint Ventures

Beyond Biofuels

· Co-Generation Biorefinery Platforms

· Develop Broader Capabilities: Bio-Based Chemicals

Plus: Investment Networking Forum, September 27

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Whether you’re leading the way on the ground in Brazil, an International Company that is entrenched in the Brazilian market or are planning on building your business into the region and want to make the right connections, this biofuels conference will provide a fresh and innovative forum for industry stakeholders to shape the future of the market. This Brazilian Congress will bring together the entire biofuels value chain from Brazil and also the EU and US, to include producers, refiners, technology suppliers, financiers, traders, oil majors and government.

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