World Bioenergy 25-27 May 2010

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Taking You from Know-How to Show-How!

Organised every second year this major global bioenergy get-together is based on the unique “Taking you from Know-How to Show-How” concept, combining conference sessions, field excursions and tradeshow into one comprehensive event. This way academic research and development blends seamlessly with commercial experience providing a better business context.

Integrating field tours in programme

The overall purpose of World Bioenergy is to promote the implementation of bioenergy technologies. Compared to conventional bioenergy conferences, World Bioenergy places much greater significance on the field tours integrating them fully into the main programme. Why? Simply because when it comes to putting bioenergy and its potential into concrete context, actions speak far louder than words.

Who is attending?

The World Bioenergy conference and exhibition is the professional focal point for the industry. Those who attend are key decision-makers and executives with purchasing power from industry, along with civil servants, academics, politicians, researchers, NGO’s, equipment manufacturers, service suppliers, energy providers, energy buyers, carbon traders, consultants, journalists etc.

World Bioenergy is the ultimate business mixer for all the major movers, shakers and money-makers within the global bioenergy industry.

World Bioenergy:

Pre- & Post conference Tours
Side Events


Arranged in Jönköping Sweden, 25 – 27 May 2010, by Elmia AB in cooperation withthe Swedish Bioenergy Association, Svebio.

Contact us

Jakob Hirsmark, Elmia AB
Exhibition Manager
+46 36 15 22 14

Gustav Melin, Svebio
Conference Manager
+46 8 441 70 81

Welcome to for more details! Here you will also find our 4½-minute-film about World Bioenergy.

Conference Programme overview

Within World Bioenergy 2010 you will be able to participate in several different conferences focusing on different themes.
The overall focus will be on applied and currently available technology, as well as efficient, sustainable, and economic solutions. Shortly: bioenergy solutions that work. Depending on your own interest and profile, you can choose among the following themes, each of them complemented with exhibitors at the fair and daily study tours as exemplified below:

1. Combined heat and power, combustion, heating and co-firing
A range of technologies and installations will be presented, not only boilers and burners, but also fuel handling, logistics, flue gas cleaning and other support systems. Study tours to CHP-plants in the area of Jönköping.

2. Forest residues – slash, stumps, small tree harvest
We repeat our popular slash conference from Elmia Wood 2009. How to recover biomass from felling and thinning operations, environmental effects and ash recycling. Learn from the Scandinavian experience. Machinery and equipment at the exhibition but also daily excursion to chippers acting at site in the forest.

3. Pellets – the new large energy commodity
Market development, production technology, reports about projects and investments, new burner technology. Study tours to pellet factory etc.

4. Waste to Energy – works in every society
Waste is available in every society. It can be used for heat and power production, and for biogas production, through fermentation or thermal gasification. Modern combustion and cleaning methods guarantee low emissions. Daily tour to Waste incineration plant and biogas production units. Pre or post study tour to willow waste water treatment plant.

5. Energy crops, agricultural residues and by-products
Sugar cane, jatropha, willow, poplar, rape seed or reed canary grass and many other energy crops, as well as straw, manure, corn husks and bagasse, and other biomass resources, show that agriculture offers great potentials for bioenergy. Pre or post study tour to willow waste water treatment plant.

6. Biofuels for transport
Bioethanol, biodiesel and biogas can offer sustainable solutions. First generation biofuels are often much better than its reputation, and second generation is around the corner. But what about the economy? Pre or post study tour to ethanol from wheat factory. Daily excursion to biogas production plant.

7. Policy – how to make it all happen
How to stimulate increased use of bioenergy, and how to guarantee sustainability, and greenhouse gas reduction. What works best – general incentives of targeted? And what kind of standards, certifications and criteria do we need?

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