World Bioenergy 2010: American company finds global customers

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Bioenergy technology is not the only thing to be showcased in Jönköping, Sweden during the World Bioenergy Fair from 25-27 May 2010. Access to world markets will also be on offer.

“At the same fair two years ago we made a breakthrough in a new business segment with a brand we represent,” says Morgan Ramstedt, CEO of S&H Teknik AB.

S&H Teknik is a subsidiary of Söderberg & Haak, a well reputed Swedish supplier of agricultural machinery since 1866. S&H Teknik was founded a few years ago to focus on markets outside the agricultural sector. The company entered the bioenergy market by becoming agents for biofuel crushers from the American machinery manufacturer Vermeer.

“At World Bioenergy 2008 we presented what was for us a new product range,” Ramstedt says. “The interest from visitors to the fair was great, especially for a slightly special machine with low fuel consumption in relation to its capacity.”

Opening up new markets

At the S&H Teknik stand the international flavour of World Bioenergy was obvious. Numerous visitors from outside Sweden stopped by and half of the orders that were later traced back to the fair came from outside Sweden. As a result Vermeer was able to establish a presence in two new markets by supplying customers in Spain and Portugal.

S&H Teknik will be back at World Bioenergy 2010 with a broader product portfolio, more brands and a number of new products, including quite a few dealing with bioenergy sorting. The new product which Morgan Ramstedt wants to showcase is a new type of machine that both crushes and chops.

Future trend

“As the number of biofuel boilers increases, the market is changing,” Ramstedt explains. “The rise in fuel prices makes it more expensive to operate specialised machines, which have to be transported long distances in order to work at full capacity. The trend is towards bigger machines that can do more tasks and be profitable within a smaller geographic area.”

As an example, the combined crusher and chopper can be used to crush stumps, tops and branches and demolition timber, and also to chop round timber and brushwood.

The success of Vermeer and S&H Teknik is just one example of how an international trade fair like World Bioenergy can help to spread knowledge and facilitate business deals within the bioenergy field.



The next generation of biofuel crushers from Vermeer can also chop, and will be presented at World Bioenergy 2010.

Source: Elmia AB

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