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World Energy Storage Markets Report 2015

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Falling battery prices and a rapidly increasing number of applications have recently kick-started the deployment of electricity storage systems in the residential, industrial, and public sector. Much attention is being payed to this rising star but which are the most attractive storage markets worldwide?

Enviacon international tackles this and much more in its new World Energy Storage Markets Report 2015, focusing on residential solar+storage. The report aims at providing profound market intelligence to companies and decision makers from the entire energy-storage related industry. For this purpose, the report provides:

  • An overview of ten business cases for small and utility-scale energy storage systems, including exemplary information on potential markets
  • A detailed analysis of market potential for the business case of increased PV self-consumption through residential energy storage
  • A ranking of 163 countries and states for increased PV self-consumption through residential energy storage – based on a systematic analysis of quantitative and qualitative indicators
  • Detailed information on the top ten residential energy storage markets worldwide

In order to evaluate the attractiveness of markets for residential solar+storage systems, the analysis is based on indicators such as installed PV capacity, residential electricity prices, levelized cost of solar electricity, cost of storage solutions, and policies with regard to residential energy storage. These indicators are used to calculate the profitability of residential solar+storage in comparison to alternative options for residential electricity supply. The result of this calculation is used to create an index, which allows for a systematic comparison of market attractiveness.

Two U.S. states, four European countries, three Australian states and one Asian market feature among the Top Ten of worldwide residential energy storage markets. Germany ranks as a close second in the ranking. In many other markets, even small changes in electricity prices and PV support schemes will have a great positive impact on the profitability of increased PV self-consumption through residential energy storage.

If you would like to order a copy, please contact Sebastian Seier. Orders before December 31st 2015, will benefit from a reduced price of 295 EUR excl. VAT. Members of the German Solar Association (BSW) or the German Energy Storage Association (BVES) will receive an additional discount of 10%.

Number of pages: 49 (in English)


  • 295 EUR excl. VAT if ordered in 2015
  • 395 EUR excl. VAT if ordered as of January 1, 2016

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