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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Woodfuel survey shows there could be 24,000 more jobs by 2020

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The survey also shows how output in the UK could increase considerably.

A survey conducted by the Forestry Commission reveals that the woodfuel industry could attract the equivalent of over 24,000 full-time new jobs by 2020.

Key organisations within the industry from the forest to the boiler were asked for their projections, including woodland management, woodchip and pellet producers and heating suppliers.

The figures show that in 2008 the woodfuel industry supported almost 5,500 jobs in direct and indirect employment, and this total is expected to increase by more than 24,000 to 30,000 full time equivalents by 2020.

The survey also shows how output in the UK could increase considerably, from approximately £312 million to over £1.9 billion over the next ten years, in Gross Value Added (GVA), the measurement of the contribution to the economy. This growth will see an increase in its share of national output from 0.01% to 0.07%.

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Source: Forestry Commission

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