WinWinD opens wind turbine manufacturing facility at Chennai in India

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WinWinD Power Energy (P) Ltd., engaged in the design, development and manufacture of wind turbines, opened its manufacturing facility in India at Vengal, 50kms from Chennai

This facility will assemble and test nacelles hubs and produce rotor blades. Set up at an investment of Rs 375 crores, the facility will initially manufacture utility grade 1MW (WWD-1) wind turbines. The plant, built on 67 acres, has an initial production capacity of 4 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) per day (12 blades) and going forward, the company plans to scale up capacity to 8 WTGs (24 blades) per day. It is expected to employ around 1000 people.

This is WinWinD’s fourth manufacturing unit and it’s first in Asia. WinWinD operates three manufacturing plants in Europe. The wind energy company is also expected to set up a new facility, within the next 2 years, for manufacturing the higher rating multi MW (WWD-3) wind turbines.

“Keeping up with its standards of manufacturing units in Europe, this facility in Vengal, near Chennai is an ultra modern manufacturing unit, which is designed to take care of International Standards norms of safety and quality needs,” said Mr. IIkka Hakala, CEO, WinWinD.

WinWinD also caters to customized blade requirements of third party WTG manufacturers. The wind power company sources it’s gearboxes, castings, generators and other equipment (made according it’s design and specifications) from Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited , Patel Alloys, Toyo Denki Power Systems and others respectively. The 1 MW turbines would be 60 – 70 per cent localized.

“WinWinD’s rotor blades are of superior quality and is German designed, with very precise accuracy in product and process parameters. The launch of the tooling and testing unit in the initial phase of its operation, only demonstrates that WinWinD is strongly focused on its technology differentiation,” IIkka Hakala added.

The core components of WinWinD turnkey solution will consist of wind study, land acquisition, infrastructure development, supply of turbines, installation & commissioning, liaison, operation and maintenance. The company will offer these solutions in due course.

“Winwind will be a harbinger of change in the wind energy business in India. With over a decade’s experience and a global footprint, we have put in place a competent and highly qualified management team with robust industry experience and exposure to international best practices, ” said Mr. V Srinivasan, Group CEO of Siva Group.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Hon. Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy resources, India inaugurated this facility in the presence of Thiru Arcot N. Veerasamy, Hon. Minister of Electricity, Government of Tamil Nadu, Mr. V Srinivasan, Group CEO of Siva Group and a host of other dignitaries.

WinWinD’s Investors include the Siva Group conglomerate, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd and Masdar, the clean tech arm of Government of Abu Dhabi. Siva Group acquired majority control in Winiwnd in 2006. The US$ 3 billion Siva Group is promoted by Mr. C Sivasankaran.

1 and 3 MW wind turbines based on advanced technology

WinWinD has developed the 1 and 3 megawatt wind turbine based on the permanent magnet technology. The most significant benefits obtained have been operating reliability and high availability.

Reliable and efficient Wind Turbine

An advanced planetary gear solution and low speed synchronous generator form the heart of the concept, which combines the reliability of a modern direct drive and the compactness of the traditional high speed gear system. Low rotational speed together with the proper dimensioning ensures reliability and high availability.

Optimized blade design with state of the art pitch control enables high efficiency of the wind turbine, even with low wind speeds.

Reliability proven in practise. WinWinD’s main motivation in developing this innovative type of wind turbine was to offer the market a clearly more reliable solution. Experience from installed turbines shows that this target was not only achieved but exceeded – the reliability of the low-speed turbines has been truly excellent.

Developed by top professionals. WWD is a modern and innovative wind turbine, which has been designed by an international group of top professionals. The WinWinD design team, based on over 30 years know-how in the wind turbine space, coordinated the work. Close co-operation with experienced world-class component manufacturers and partners resulted in a product at the cutting edge of technology.

After SIG’s acquisition of controlling stake in Winwind Oy, Winwind Power Energy Private Limited (WPEPL) was incorporated in India as a 100% subsidiary of Winwind Oy. Keeping in mind the vast potential of wind power in India and the presence of the Sterling Group, WPEPL has been established with a goal of making WinWinD a global leader and reaching out to markets in Asia Pacific region.

WPEPL is setting up its state of the art factory near Chennai; this facility will have enough installed capacity to cater to the Indian market and the international market. The facility will house the assembly unit for the 1 MW and the 3 MW turbines. The facility will also house the blade production facility of the 1 MW and the 3 MW turbines.

WPEPL focuses on reliability and efficiency, as well as ease of maintenance, which results in the lowest production costs during the entire lifespan of the turbine. This is achieved by the innovative WWD wind turbine which is based on a planetary gear and a low-speed synchronous permanent magnet generator.

WinWinD Oy also has offices in Portugal and Estonia apart from its office in Finland. Sterling Infotech Group’s entry into the sphere of Wind Energy has been assertive and committed.

SIG acquired controlling stake in Winwind Oy, a technology leader engaged in the design and manufacture of megawatt (WWD1) and multi-megawatt (WWD3) wind turbine generators (WTGs), thus signifying its determination to exploit the huge market potential in Wind Energy through its global reach and experience. Consequent to SIG’s acquisition of controlling stake in Winwind Oy, Winwind Power Energy Private Limited (WPEPL) was incorporated in India as a 100% subsidiary of Winwind Oy.

Right at the start, we chose a development path that we knew would sustain – we deliver reliable turbines and we only make promises we can keep. Our first product had a power rating of 1 MW, but even then it was clear that larger turbines would be required. After almost two years of thorough testing, we were finally sure of the success of our technical solution, and only then did we commence serial production of the 1 MW turbine. At the same time, we started development work on the 3 MW version. Today, we have completed piloting and testing of the 3 MW turbines and we are set to deliver a significant number of them. It is estimated that, in the coming years, the 3 MW wind turbines will make up the fastest-growing market segment in wind turbine technology.

Winwind Oy was founded in the spring of 2000. The founding father of the company is Jouko Tiuraniemi who has 30 years experience in the field of energy, and has worked on many different design projects in power transfer and hydropower.

WinWinD’s history began when Jouko Tiuraniemi completed a research report on wind power for Oulu Energy in 1995. The experience prompted Tiuraniemi to start thinking about a new, highly efficient wind turbine. He realized that the key to success was to create a turbine that would be technically superior. In 1997, PVO-Engineering Oy joined the development work, as did the chief designer, Georg Böhmeke, who had 20 years of experience in the German wind power industry.

The WWD-1 wind turbine was developed together with the Finnish companies ABB and Metso Drives, and the project was completed at the beginning of 2001. This pilot plant has been in operation in Oulu since the autumn of 2001, and the results have been excellent and have even exceeded the go

als set. Electricity is generated with high efficiency throughout the whole operational range, even at low wind speeds.

Reliable Wind Turbine

An advanced planetary gear solution and low speed synchronous generator form the heart of the concept, which combines the reliability of a direct drive and the compactness of the traditional high speed gear system. Low rotational speed together with the proper dimensioning and sophisticated management of mechanical loads ensure reliability and high availability.

Grid-friendly electricity

Electricity production is controlled by a two-way IGBT AC inverter that feeds through a transformer to a medium voltage level of 11/22 or 33 kV. Above the rated wind speed, the turbine produces a constant output. Even with partial power, fluctuations are low. The solution is suitable for a weak grid and also enables operation in a stand-alone mode.

Optimal Energy Production

WWD-1 is equipped with an automatic control system that controls the generator and network as well as optimizes energy production of the wind turbine in accordance with the prevailing weather conditions. Excellent blade design and pitch control together with a permanent magnet generator enables very high efficiency of the wind turbine, even with low wind speeds. With the help of a remote control system it is possible to control the turbine and receive useful information through the internet.

Maintenance Friendly

Low maintenance costs are also a benefit of the WWD-concept. The maintenance is designed so that the production downtime is minimized and all the maintenance is done on-site without expensive equipment. The components used have an exceptionally long maintenance cycle, which also reduces maintenance costs.

Designed for extreme conditions

WinWinD’s wind turbine has been designed with all the necessary technology in order to withstand operation in the most demanding conditions.

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