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The market research report on “US Wind Energy Market Analysis and Forecasts” analyses the United States wind industry.

This report provides an extensive research on the growing wind industry at global as well as country level. Detailed data analysis will help potential investor to know the current market trends, and growth forecasts of the wind industry.

This report analyzes the US wind energy market and its evolution, This report contains detailed data on global cumulative wind capacity (1990 – 2007), Global – Top 10 countries and US data of cumulative and annual installed wind power capacity (2006 & 2007), US — Top 20 states cumulative and annual installed wind power capacity (2006 & 2007), US — Top wind manufacturers there market share and growth in wind turbine sizes and numbers. This report will help the clients to understand the market drivers and restrictions in the growth of US wind industry. On the global warming issue this report has also analyzed the tonnes of CO2 saved with the use of wind turbines in future. This report also provides an insight on the acquisition and investment activity among wind developers (2002 to 2007).

Market Overview

The global energy challenge requires urgent actions in tackling the threat of climate change and meeting the rising demand for energy. A renewable, safe, and clean resource, wind energy is emerging to be part of the solution to the global energy challenge. The US wind industry achieved the highest annual installed wind power capacity of 5,329 MW in 2007. In states Texas is already the national leader in wind power generation from the last two years (2006 & 2007) leaving behind California on no. 2. In 1999-98 turbine size was 0.71 MW which is increased to 1.65 MW by 2007-08. But, expiring of Production Tax Credit is a matter of concern since expiring of this will affect negatively the rate of wind turbines installations.

Our Research Findings

– US wind power accounted for nearly 30 percent of all new electricity generating capacity added nationally in 2007, up from less than 1 percent just five years ago, in 2002.

– US wind power installations have fallen by 93 percent (2000), 73 percent (2002) and 77 percent (2004) previously when credit was not extended.

– In cumulative wind energy capacity US has improved its position from no. 3 (2006) to no. 2 (2007) globally.

– Texas leads the US states in cumulative & annual wind production capacity for 2006 and 2007.

– GE Wind has the largest market share of wind turbines from the year 2005 to 2007.

– Unlike most other electricity generation sources, wind turbines don’t consume water. So 4 Trillions gallons of water will be saved if 20 percent wind scenario is achieved by 2030.

– The wind power industry of US is expected to grow from 9,000 annual construction jobs in 2007 to 65,000 new annual construction jobs in 2021.

– US electricity from wind could reduce annual electric sector carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 825 Million metric tons by 2030.

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