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WFES, IWS and EcoWaste begin 4-day run today, showcasing industry-leading technological innovations

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Abu Dhabi, UAE – 19 January 2015: The World Future Energy Summit (WFES), International Water Summit (IWS) and EcoWaste all open their four-day exhibitions and conferences today (19 January), showcasing the latest in technological innovations to provide commercial solutions to the interconnected challenges of clean energy generation, water security, and waste management.

WFES, IWS and EcoWaste are co-located events taking place during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW), 17-24 January, an international gathering hosted by Masdar. ADSW is expected to attract more than 32,000 people from 170 countries, representing leading players in industry, government, finance and research, to take part in numerous high-level panel discussions, workshops and trade-floor product exhibitions with an impressive array of groundbreaking technologies on display.

In the clean-energy sector, attendees will be able to view such groundbreaking technologies as:

*   A first-of-its-kind, fully integrated hybrid product that seamlessly captures both solar and wind energy to provide more consistent power generation in off-grid locations. This product provides an effective solution in markets where available natural resources do not justify investment in a solar or wind project.

*   A mobile solar power plant on a trailer with a 4.8 kWp capacity and battery storage of up to 20 kWh and includes a water pump that can produce 1,000 liters a minute. The setup time is only 3 minutes, and also is attractive for off-grid locations.

*   A new turbine that converts energy from sea waves, whose high-energy density is the highest among renewable energy sources, demonstrates the technological advances being made in the emerging wave energy industry.

*   Parabolic sun-dish concentrators combined with a specialized steam generator suitable for enhanced oil recovery, power generation, water desalination operations and power generations.

Water technologies on display include:

  • A vending machine that produces, on a daily basis, 1,800 liters of pure water from air; the machine accepts coins or credit card and dispenses water in three, pre-set quantities.
  • A fully automated technology which reuses resources in the degradation process to treat contaminated soils. Using on-line sensor data, the product calculates the injections necessary to perform an optimal degradation of organic pollution in soil or groundwater, and is able to treat large volumes of contaminated soil.
  • A water-retention product mixed with soil that can reduce water irrigation by 40 percent.

In the area of waste management, attendees can see revolutionary composting machines that convert organic waste into high-grade compost within 24 hours, as well as powerful hydraulic waste-handling machines suitable for both scrap and timber disposal.

Running 19-22 January, the three events’ conference and exhibition programs have been extended to four days, thereby maximizing business opportunities for participants. ADSW also features the seventh Zayed Future Energy Prize Award Ceremony and coincides with the Fifth General Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency.

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