Waste2Tricity International (Thailand) acquires exclusive Thai deployment rights for AFC Energy PLC fuel cells in £1.2 million deal

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30 October 2013: Waste2Tricity International (Thailand) Ltd (W2TI(T)) , the cutting edge structured solutions provider for the waste to energy sector, today announced it has acquired

the exclusive rights for AFC Energy PLC (AIM: AFC) hydrogen fuel cells for deployment in the

Thailand energy-from-waste sector. W2T already owns the deployment rights for the UK and

has secured the right of first refusal for additional territories including Europe and North


W2TI(T) has entered into the licence agreement with AFC Energy, making the company the

exclusive Thai agent for AFC’s revolutionary fuel cells for gasification of waste applications.

Deployment of the commercial fuel cell will enable W2TI(T) to establish this viral technology

in the Thai waste to energy market. Combined with Alter NRG’s Westinghouse Plasma

Gasification Technology as the front end conversion, the AFC Energy fuel cells create a

commercial model that will substantially outperform any other proposal. This model will allow

W2T to revolutionise the Thai waste market, offering payment for waste feedstock instead of

requiring suppliers to pay a gate fee.

The programme will therefore create a paradigm shift in the waste-to-energy market in

Thailand and will enable W2T to establish market dominance with projects similar to the

waste to the energy plant currently being built by Air Products in Tees Valley

(http://www.airproducts.co.uk/teesvalley/) which is intended to be operational in 2014.W2T

was instrumental in bringing together the parties for this project and identified both the

Teesside site and the waste supplier for Air Products.

Piangkwan Thummukgool, Director of Waste2Tricity Ltd and Project Director of the Thailand

programme said, “This is the beginning of our thrust into the burgeoning waste-to-energy

market in Thailand. We have engaged with numerous waste suppliers and they are attracted

by the commercial opportunity that our technologies provide. Our presence in Thailand is

established and we will be accelerating our programme with the leading technologies for

waste conversion and looking to create a hydrogen opportunity for the AFC Energy fuel cells.

This programme will put Thailand at the forefront of both the Hydrogen Economy and of creating low carbon electricity opportunities, using indigenous feedstock to replace imported

energy. Waste2tricity is projecting the potential deployment of over 230 MW’s of fuel cells in

the three projects currently in negotiation, with more in the pipeline.”

Ian Williamson, CEO of AFC Energy PLC said, “We welcome this ground-breaking

relationship with Waste2Tricity International (Thailand) and the opportunity it affords for the

early roll out of our fuel cell technology in to the waste-to-energy market. This licence is the

second with Waste2tricity, who have already secured the exclusive rights in the UK for waste

to energy applications of the fuel cell involving gasification of wastes.”

Established in 2008, Waste2Tricity works with clients and partners to develop, fund and

support EfW deployment projects that integrate proven plasma gasification and internal

combustion engines/gas turbines (ICEs/GTs). Shareholders at the global waste solutions firm

include Roman Abramovich’s Ervington Investments, who acquired a 10% share capital stake

in November last year. Waste2tricty was actively involved with the $500 million Air Products

Tees Valley Renewable Energy Facility (TV1), a 350,000 ton 50MW program utilising Alter

NRG Westinghouse waste to energy project currently being built in Tees Valley and

subsequently the announcement of TV2, a duplicate project adjacent to TV1.


Notes to Editors


Waste2tricity is a structured solutions provider for the waste to energy sector. Its

shareholders include Ervington Investments (UBO Roman Abramovich), Age of Reason

Foundation and Eturab, all of whom are substantial shareholders in AFC Energy and/or Alter

NRG Westinghouse and represent approx. 30% of each company. For more information, visit

Waste2Tricity at www.waste2tricity.com

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space missions for decades to provide electrical power and drinking water. By using modern

materials, design tools and manufacturing processes at scale, AFC Energy is developing fuel

cells that will compete with conventional technologies such as turbines for electrical power

generation. Today, AFC Energy is pursuing opportunities in several sectors where hydrogen

is readily available including the chlorine, clean coal and waste-to-energy industries as well

as applications for distributed/back-up power. For further information, please visit our

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