Waste2Energy Holdings, Inc. Receives Order for a 4 MTPD Batch Oxidation System

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The system is destined for the remote coastal community of Ahousaht on Flores Island.

Waste2Energy Holdings, Inc., a worldwide waste-to-energy company, announced that it has received an order for a 4 MTPD Batch Oxidation System (sBOS™) from Waste to Energy Canada Inc. (WtEC).

The system is destined for the remote coastal community of Ahousaht on Flores Island. With a population of 1,000, the community is located within the world renowned Clayoquot Sound, which is a UNESCO designated BIOSHPERE. The BOS™ system will completely and effectively deal with the community’s waste stream comprising wastewater sludge, household, commercial, industrial & medical wastes as well as used oils, tires & biomass from a local sawmill.

The benefits to the community include:

  1. The elimination of the need for the transportation of the waste stream generated by the community – thus saving costs and pollution from the transport
  2. Allowing the community to reduce its carbon footprint via the elimination of landfill material and the associated detrimental effects such as greenhouse gases, water pollution and disease

WtEC plans to add a low pressure boiler to the BOS™ system to capture the energy during the conversion process and provide heating to a community greenhouse.

The unit is skid mounted and can be rapidly assembled and commissioned on site. W2e’s proprietary control system will also incorporate SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) capability that will facilitate remote monitoring of the unit’s performance.

About Waste2Energy Holdings, Inc:

Waste2Energy, Inc. designs, builds and installs waste-to-energy plants that are scalable, modular, environment friendly and robust enough to operate in remote environments. We compete in the growing worldwide market for waste-to-energy systems that simultaneously destroy waste and recover energy. We provide customized engineering solutions that will enable our current and future customers to convert biomass and other solid waste streams traditionally destined for landfill into clean renewable energy.

About Waste to Energy Canada Inc:

Waste to Energy Canada Inc. is a diversified waste-to-energy company headquartered in Vancouver, BC. WtEC provides a single-point source for waste management, energy generation (run-of-river or waste-to-energy), and water management services (potable, wastewater & storm-water). The company serves municipal, commercial and industrial markets and maintains strong relations with many First Nations clientele.

Safe Harbor Statement

Under the Private Securities Litigation Act of 1995 — This press release discusses forward-looking statements with risks and uncertainties. Our results could differ materially due to various factors, including inability to finance operations or expansion and hire or retain personnel, economy and interest rate changes, and events such as terrorism. We believe statements to be reasonable, but neither we nor any other person can represent they will be achieved. We are not obligated to update statements due to new information, events or otherwise. Please see the risk factors associated with our Company and review our SEC filings. For more information on Waste2Energy, please visit www.waste2energy.com.

Waste2Energy Holdings, Inc. Peter Bohan CEO 646-723-4000 1 Chick Springs Road Greenville, SC 29609 Source: Waste2Energy

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