Würth Solar and Sustainable Energy to Demonstrate PARALEX Solution for French Commercial and Institutional Rooftop Applications

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Demonstrate the performance of Sustainable Energy’s massively parallel PARALEX system design with the new Würth Solar high efficiency CIS modules.

Strasbourg, France

Sustainable Energy Technology Ltd. (TSX-V:STG) (“Sustainable Energy”) is pleased to announce that it is collaborating with Würth Solar to demonstrate the performance of Sustainable Energy’s massively parallel PARALEX system design with the new Würth Solar high efficiency CIS modules. The demonstration project is part of a broader cooperation agreed to between the companies to offer packaged “parallel” solutions for the commercial and institutional rooftops in France.

The demonstration project will have an installed capacity of approximately 90kW and will be installed at the Lycée Technique Louis Couffignal in Strasbourg, France.

“This is an important validation of the value added to thin film solar by Sustainable Energy’s PARALEX architecture,” said Michael Carten CEO of Sustainable Energy. “Interest in the PARALEX solution for thin film has quickly gained momentum in Europe over the past three months where there is a trend towards bundling of integrated product solutions for installers and system integrators. The PARALEX solution is a key value added which differentiates the solutions from other product offerings in the market.”

Part of the Würth Group, Würth Solar was the first company to begin large-scale production of GeneCIS solar modules in its specially-built 30 MW CISfab solar factory in Schwäbisch Hall in autumn 2006 – setting new benchmarks in the industry. Würth Solar is also one of the world’s leading full-range suppliers of solar installations based on the high efficiency CIS technology.

Sustainable Energy PARALEX system architecture enables a system design where each module operates at its optimum power point throughout the day independently of other modules in the system. It is able to do so with the same cost structure, product reliability and serviceability as traditional string inverters. Sustainable Energy’s innovative cabling solution also simplifies system design and installation reducing balance of system costs and making thin film PV more competitive with traditional crystalline technologies for rooftop applications.

About Würth Solar:

Würth Solar (www.wuerth-solar.com) is a company in the Würth Elektronik Group (www.we-online.com), an independent subsidiary of the Würth Group (www.wuerth.com). The Würth Group consists of over 410 companies in 84 countries with over 65,000 employees with over €4.7B in totals sales in the 1st half of 2011.
Würth Solar is one of the world’s leading module manufacturers and a full-range supplier of solar installations based on CIS technology (CIS technology is based on a compound of copper, indium and selenium). Who supply well-engineered, individual system solutions for solar energy. Founded in 1999, Würth Solar employs about 250 people. In autumn 2006, Würth Solar started the first large-scale series production of its GeneCIS solar modules worldwide at its 30 MW CISfab factory in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. GeneCIS modules have outstanding energy yields and because of their visual appeal, they also offer completely new possibilities for architectural design.

About Sustainable Energy:
Sustainable Energy (www.SustainableEnergy.com) is Canada’s solar inverter company. The Company’s patented inverter technologies are a breakthrough in power inverter design and capabilities for all forms of distributed generation and smart grid applications. The PARALEX inverter is the industry’s only grid-interactive solar inverter which enables a “parallel” solar PV system architecture in higher power ratings at a cost and serviceability factor that is comparable to conventional inverters in the market. The benefits of parallel solar are: (i) 5% – 25% higher total system power output; (ii) a better fill factor enabling better coverage of available space; (iii) a simplified system design and installation; and (iv) the safety of extra low operating voltages which ensures the safety of building maintenance personnel, first responders, and tradesmen who may accidentally come into contact with system wiring. Sustainable Energy’s technologies are the subject of multiple patents issued by and pending with the Canadian and US Patent Offices.
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