Viridor expands its recycling business in north Kent

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Viridor has acquired Pulp Friction Limited, a paper collection and processing business based in Erith, Kent, and the business, assets and goodwill of a related business, SBS Paper LLP, for a total consideration of £9million.

The north Kent-based acquired business employs 40 people and it processes around 100,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard per annum producing high quality paper and cardboard for reprocessing into new products and packaging.

The business fits well with Viridor’s strategy of operating recycling facilities that provide high quality recycled materials for reprocessing and the operations will be integrated into Viridor’s south eastern region and will trade as Viridor.

Commenting on the acquisition, Graham Warren, South East Regional Director, said, “Making the most of our waste is becoming key in the UK and it is an approach proven to be good for business. This operation has built an excellent track record over recent years in producing high quality grades of paper and cardboard which are essential for the making of new products and packaging from secondary materials. .

“The company’s innovative and professional approach will fit very well with our Viridor culture and we look forward to welcoming and working with our new colleagues.”


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