Vincotech Power Modules Featuring a Split Output

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Power modules with split phase output, deactivating the MOSFETs’ body diode, make it easier to power the semiconductorsUnterhaching, Germany – November 23rd, 2012. Customers want smaller, even more affordable devices, compelling manufacturers to conserve installation space and cut costs. To do both, engineers have to come up with new designs that combine technologies in unprecedented ways. The trend tendency towards IGBTs and MOSFETs with higher switching frequencies is also picking up momentum, particularly for solar inverters and other applications where high efficiency is a must. This places even greater demands on drivers and power supply modules. In many applications, IGBTs and MOSFETs are driven by unipolar gate voltage, which presents considerable challenges when it comes to parasitic turn-on. The MOSFETs’ body diode is not powerful enough for many applications, which impedes reactive power. In this document, Vincotech looks at the benefits of its standard modules featuring H-bridges with split outputs, neutral point clamped (NPC) inverters, and MNPC (mixed voltage NPC) topologies. What sets these modules apart is that their phase output is split, which deactivates the MOSFETs’ body diode and makes it easier to power the semiconductors.

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Vincotech, an independent operating unit within Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, is a market leader in power modules in development and manufacturing of high-quality electronic power components for Motion Control, and Renewable Energy applications.

With some 500 employees worldwide, backed by vast experience and a long history in electronics integration, Vincotech leverages these assets to help customers attain maximum market success.

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