Viet Nam – Nation to develop renewable energy

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Maximising renewable energy resources will be part of Vietnam’s actions towards a low carbon economy by 2020, said an official from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Key measures will also include tightening control on means of transport, designing and constructing new urban areas with integrated green space and energy-efficient buildings, and issuing policies to reduce green house emission, said Deputy Director General of the Ministry’s Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment Nguyen The Chinh at a participatory dialogue session on November 15.

Vietnam has a total potential wind power of one million MW and it is expected to develop 12,000MW of wind power by 2020, equivalent to 3 percent of the country’s total output, according to Country Manager of GE Energy Vietnam Nguyen Xuan Thanh.

The total potential biomass power was 16,000MW with diversified sources of rice husk, sugarcane, cassava, wood, animal waste and the country planned to develop 8,000MW by 2020 he added.

A number of projects have already started to promote the use of renewable power such as a wind farm in Ninh Thuan province, a rice husk power plan in Tien Giang province, a biogas plant in Ninh Binh province and a biomass plant in Soc Trang province.

Vietnam has applied green growth by promoting environmentally-friendly technologies, attracting investment on low carbon technologies, issuing supporting policies and mechanisms and raising public awareness.

Source: VoV News

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