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Vasari Energy Today Announced That the Company Closed $500 Million of Commitments from Asian Partners to Invest In Solar and Wind Energy Development Projects

Vasari Energy today announced that the company has formed a partnership with Asian investors to invest $500 million in the development and construction of wind and solar projects in the U.S. and emerging markets. The partnership will invest in projects at all stages of the development cycle. The partnership will focus on investing in utility scale projects in high growth power markets.

The global targets and demand for renewable energy are enormous. “There are several investment routes into this market, but in our view, developers offer the best potential returns, as they are the lynch pin in delivering this growth,” said Robert McKinsey, investment analyst at Vasari Energy.

Vasari Energy will invest in the spectrum of development activity from resource assessment, permitting and grid connections, through construction and operation. The company intends to make investments in projects across all or part of this spectrum. However, management is the main value driver at every stage of the spectrum. Most renewable energy projects are still small compared to conventional power. Large developers have advantages in securing equipment and finance, but can suffer from problems controlling development risk across a large portfolio, an inevitable lack of nimbleness and sometimes using the costs and processes found in large companies for relatively small projects. “Most renewable energy projects remain small and overlaying the costs and processes found in larger companies tends to impact project economics,” said McKinsey.

About Vasari Energy

Vasari Energy is an integrated provider of engineering, procurement, construction, project management, and project financing services to the wind and solar power development industries. We believe that our business model allows us the opportunity to bring to our clients compelling business offerings that combine excellence in execution, safety, cost containment and experience. For more information visit

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