Valmet to supply Helsinki Energia’s Salmisaari power plant with state-of-the-art flue-gas cleaning system

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Valmet will supply a flue-gas cleaning system representing the latest technology to Helsinki Energia’s Salmisaari power plant in Finland. The more advanced method will allow the power plant to reduce its nitrogen oxide emissions more efficiently and to stay within the emission limits set by the new EU directive on industrial emissions (IED). In addition to the flue-gas cleaning equipment, Valmet’s turn-key delivery will include planning services, procurement, steel structures, installation and start-up. Helsingin Energia will take care of the foundations and buildings required for the equipment. The order, valued at roughly EUR 10 million, is included in Valmet’s third quarter orders received.The new flue-gas cleaning equipment is being delivered as part of a larger, ongoing modernization project at the power plant. The selective catalytic reduction (SCR) equipment used for cleaning the flue gases will be installed in the pulverized coal-fired boiler. The start-up of the new catalytic flue gas cleaning system is expected to take place in fall 2015.”Flue-gas cleaning is an important part of managing the environmental impacts of energy production. Nitrogen oxides generated during combustion may cause respiratory problems and environmental acidification. Catalytic methods for removing nitrogen oxides typically employ ammonia, but in the new technology ammonia is replaced by urea. As a result, transportation and storage of ammonia solution in downtown Helsinki is avoided,” says Jouko Kylänpää, Director for Power Maintenance from Valmet.


The Salmisaari combined heat and power plant is located in Ruoholahti, Helsinki. The heat production capacity of the plant is 300 MW and electricity production capacity 170 MW. The plant has been using coal as fuel, but as of this fall it will use both coal and pellets.

Information about Helsingin Energia

Helsingin Energia generates electricity, heating and cooling for its customers at its own power plants located in Helsinki. In addition, the company procures electricity through its power assets. The company sells electric energy to about 400,000 customers around Finland, and its district heat production covers over 90 percent of Helsinki’s heating needs. Helsingin Energia’s goal is to achieve carbon-neutral energy production by 2050.



Corporate Communications

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Jouko Kylänpää, Director, Power Maintenance, Valmet, tel. +358 400 734 334