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Utility Scale Wind Turbines Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010 to 2016

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Utility Scale Wind Turbines Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010 to 2016


WinterGreen Research announces that it has a new study on Utility Scale Wind Turbine Market Strategy, Market Shares, and Market Forecasts. The 2010 study has 269 pages, 83 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as wind electricity generation has reached cost parity with fossil fuels and demand for more electricity generation is coming with the increased use of electric vehicles.

According to Susan Eustis, the lead author of the study, “the use of utility scale wind generators represents an emerging high growth market. New technologies have increased the efficiency of wind based electricity generation and of systems installations both onshore and off shore. The evolution of hydrogen campus fuel cell systems will introduce electricity storage that makes the wind generation systems even more cost efficient. Thin film battery storage of electricity in the electric vehicles and in hardened cases on the ground will increase the efficiency and consistency of wind generated electricity delivery”.

The wind turbine renewable energy accounted for 62% (17 GW) of the new electricity generation capacity installed in the European Union (EU) in 2009. Rural economic development has had a focus on wind generated electricity. Wind turbines contribute to energy price stability. Wind generated energy helps address global climate change.

Every energy technology is supported by federal governments. Wind energy is gaining increasing recognition that a higher proportion of subsidies are needed as leaders begin to realize the need for a sustainable energy policy. The visibility into the oil drilling companies brought by the BP oil spill has had what promises to be a long term impact on the market.

The availability of hydrogen storage and electricity generation in the form of stationary fuel cells that work in campus and substation environments is going to impact wind generated electricity. Hydrogen turns out to be a good way to store excess electricity generated by wind.

The US the government accountability office (GAO) looked at federal incentives for electricity between Fiscal Year (FY) 2002 and FY 2007 and noticed that tax expenditures largely go to fossil fuels. About $13.7 billion was provided to fossil fuels and $2.8 billion to renewables. With the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, this policy ratio is likely to change, tilting more toward renewable energy. Wind is the most economically viable of the renewable energy sources.

Wind power systems have proved that they can readily be accommodated into existing fossil fuel and nuclear electric system operations reliably and economically. Wind Turbines are achieving combination with natural gas systems to create a hybrid unit that operates continuously. The natural gas generator uses the wind turbines grid systems to create an efficiently operating unit. Similar designs are evolving as hybrid wind turbines that operate in combination with solar energy systems.

Electric vehicles provide a significant market thrust to the need for wind generated electricity. Electric vehicles will depend on curbside and garage based metered delivery of electricity. Electricity generated from renewable sources will replace gasoline in the future.

Utility scale wind turbine markets at $35.6 billion in 2009 are anticipated to reach $130 billion by 2016. The enormous size of the existing market gives a significant market thrust going forward, because the major vendors and their customers have access to capital markets. This access is needed to achieve the significant growth that will be achieved as wind and solar energy replace the fossil fuel industry. Only natural gas will compete with the renewable sources of energy for utilities as new capacity is put in place and aging existing facilities are retired, to be replaced with more modern facilities.



Wind Turbine Market Driving Forces

Wind Turbine Market Shares

Wind Turbine Market Forecasts


1.1 Wind Farms Set To Become More Common

1.2 Benefits of Wind Power for Utilities

1.3 Wind Power Variable Nature

1.3.1 Cost to Integrate Wind Power

1.3.2 Key Benefits Utilities Are Realizing with Wind Power


2.1 Wind Turbine Market Driving Forces

2.2 Wind Turbine Market Shares

2.2.1 Vestas

2.2.2 Gamesa Corporacion Tecnologica S.A.

2.2.3 Suzlon in India

2.2.4 Suzlon Worldwide

2.2.5 Suzlon / REpower Systems AG

2.2.6 Sinovel

2.2.7 Enercon GmbH

2.2.8 GE

2.2.9 Siemens Wind Power A/S

2.2.10 Entegrity Wind Systems Inc.

2.2.11 Acciona Energ A.S.A.

2.2.12 Goldwind Science & Technology

2.3 Wind Turbine Market Forecasts

2.3.1 On-Shore Turbine Market Forecast

2.3.2 Offshore Wind Turbines Market Forecasts

2.3.3 Challenges For Offshore Wind

2.3.4 Storage Needed to Accommodate the Variable Nature of Wind Power

2.3.5 Wind Energy Storage

2.3.6 Cost Of Wind Integration

2.3.7 Eurpoean Forecasts

2.4 Turbine Blade Markets

2.4.1 LM Glasfiber Turbines

2.5 Mergers And Acquisitions

2.6 Design Of Wind Turbines

2.7 Wind Turbine Transport

2.8 Air Polution

2.8.1 Cumulative & Annual Emission Reductions

2.9 Wind Electricity Transmission Capability

2.10 Utility Scale Wind Turbine Regional Market Segments

2.10.1 US Wind Transmission

2.10.2 Wind Electricity Hydrogen Storage in California

2.10.3 Wind Turbine US and China Regional Analysis

2.10.4 US

2.10.5 U.S. Offshore Wind Resources

2.10.6 US

2.10.7 Wind Penetration In the US

2.10.8 US Use of Wind Turbines

2.10.9 Utilities Adding Wind Power Supply Mix in US

2.10.10 Iowa Leads In Terms Of Percentage Of Electricity From Wind Power, Getting 14% Of Its Power From The Wind

2.10.11 China

2.10.12 China Sinovel

2.10.13 Goldwind Science & Technology

2.10.14 India Suzlon

2.10.15 High Wind Penetration and Reliable Operation In Europe

2.10.16 European Use of Wind Turbines

2.10.17 Spain Gamesa Corporacion Tecnologica S.A.

2.10.18 Germany Enercon GmbH

2.11 Growing Photovoltaic Market

2.11.1 France A Growing Photovoltaic Market.

2.11.2 Gamesa


3.1 Vestas Wind Systems A/S Large Wind Turbine Products

3.1.1 Vestas in China

3.1.2 Vestas Thanet Offshore Wind Farm Ramsgate Port

3.1.3 Dunkirk Port

3.1.4 Vestas Turbines

3.1.5 Vestas GridStreamer™

3.1.6 Vestas CoolerTop™

3.1.7 Vestas Hydraulic Pitch

3.2 GE Wind Energy Primary Activities

3.2.1 GE Energy

3.3 Siemens Wind Power A/S

3.3.1 Siemens Rotors

3.3.2 Siemens Blades

3.3.3 Siemens Gearbox and Brake

3.3.4 Siemens Generator

3.3.5 Siemens Tower

3.3.6 Siemens Controller

3.3.7 Siemens Operation

3.3.8 Siemens Safety System

3.3.9 Siemens Remote Control

3.3.10 Siemens Grid Compliance

3.3.11 Siemens Wind Turbine Technical Specification

3.3.12 Siemens Wind Turbine Design

3.4 Enercon GmbH

3.5 Gamesa Corporacion Tecnologica S.A.

3.6 Suzlon

3.6.1 Suzlon / REpower Systems AG

3.6.2 REpower Product Range

3.7 Nordex AG

3.7.1 Nordex Wind turbines

3.7.2 Nordex N100 (2.5 Megawatt)

3.7.3 Nordex N100 (2.5 Megawatt)

3.7.4 Nordex Rotor

3.7.5 Nordex Drive train

3.7.6 Nordex Gearbox

3.7.7 Nordex Generator

3.7.8 Nordex Cooling And Filtration

3.7.9 Nordex Braking System

3.7.10 Nordex Nacelle

3.7.11 Nordex Yaw System

3.7.12 Nordex Tower

3.7.13 Nordex Control And Grid Connection

3.7.14 Nordex Lightning Protection

3.7.15 Nordex N90 (2.5 Megawatt)

3.7.16 Nordex N80 (2.5 Megawatt)

3.7.17 Nordex S82 (1.5 Megawatt)

3.7.18 Nordex S77 (1.5 Megawatt)

3.7.19 Nordex S70 (1.5 Megawatt)

3.8 Sinovel Wind Co., Ltd

3.8.1 Sinovel SL3000 Series Wind Turbine

3.8.2 Sinovel SL1500 Series Wind Turbine

3.9 Acciona Wind Turbines

3.9.1 Acciona Wind Turbines

3.9.2 Acciona Windpower, A Global Supplier

3.9.3 Acciona Wind Turbine Assembly Plants

3.9.4 Acciona Working On Design Since 1997

3.10 BP

3.11 Clipper

3.11.1 Clipper Liberty 2.5 MW Wind Turbine: Clipper Design

3.12 Nacel Energy Corporation

3.13 Rooftop Wind Power

3.14 Urban Green Energy

3.15 CSIC Holdings / HZ Windpower Co., Ltd.

3.16 Wind Energy Solutions bv

3.17 Fuhrl nder Aktiengesellschaft

3.18 Winwind Ltd

3.19 Eoltec SAS

3.20 Goldwind Science & Technology

3.21 LM Glasfiber A/S

3.22 Entegrity Wind Systems Inc.

3.23 Energy Study Centre [ESC]

3.24 Acciona Energ A, S.A.

3.25 Alaska Wind Turbine

3.26 Northern Power Systems

3.27 Qingdao Jintaida Industry&Trade Co., Ltd

3.28 Rizhao Bluecarbon Technology Con., Ltd

3.29 Dezhou Xinqu Renewable Energy Technology Co., ltd

3.30 SkyRota LGC

3.31 Nanjing Supermann Industrial &Trading Co., Ltd.

3.32 Wind Pacific (Aust) Pty Ltd


4.1 Wind Turbines Take Over the Landscape

4.2 Wind Farms and Radar

4.3 Vestas Technologies Testing Capabilities

4.3.1 Vestas Blade Technology

4.3.2 Vestas Smart Controls

4.3.3 Vestas Research and Innovation

4.3.4 Vestas Stealth Research

4.4 Vestas Floating Foundations

4.5 Sinovel National Energy Offshore Wind Power

4.6 Turbines Hybrid Gas-Wind Turbine System

4.7 How A Wind Turbine Works

4.7.1 Density Of Air

4.7.2 Rotor Area

4.7.3 Wind Speed

4.7.4 Metal Components

4.7.5 Forged Parts

4.7.6 Cast Parts

4.7.7 Machined Parts

4.8 Barriers to Wind Turbine Market Entry

4.9 US National Renewable Electricity Standard (RES)

4.9.1 A Renewable Electricity Standard (RES)


5.1 Acciona Energ a, s.a.

5.1.1 Acciona Wind Towers

5.1.2 Acciona World Leader In Renewables

5.1.3 Acciona (Navarre, Spain)

5.1.4 Ten Entities Finance Acciona’s Eurus Windpark In Mexico With Usd375m

5.1.5 Acciona Energy Wind parks in Mexico

5.1.6 Acciona And Dhamma Energy Sign An Agreement To Develop 250 Mw Of Photovoltaic Power In France

5.1.7 Acciona Financial information

5.1.8 Acciona2009 Revenue Results

5.1.9 Acciona Business strategy

5.1.10 Acciona Project Development

5.1.11 Acciona Exploitation And Sale Of Power

5.1.12 Acciona Wind Energy

5.1.13 Acciona Production

5.1.14 Acciona Photovoltaic

5.1.15 Acciona Other Facilities

5.1.16 Acciona Solar Thermal Power

5.1.17 AccionaFour Plants in Spain

5.1.18 Acciona Installations for Customers

5.1.19 Acciona Hydropower

5.2 Alaska Wind Turbine

5.3 Blue Carbon Technology

5.4 Clipper Windpower

5.4.1 Clipper Windpower Liberty Wind Turbine

5.5 CSIC holdings / HZ Windpower Co., Ltd.

5.6 Enercon

5.7 Gamesa Corporacion Tecnologica S.A.

5.7.1 Gamesa Installs A Further 52 MW in Spain

5.7.2 Gamesa Installs 10 MW in Mexico

5.7.3 Gamesa Revenue

5.8 GE

5.8.1 GE Energy

5.8.2 GE Technology to Boost the Output of NextEra Energy Resources’ U.S. Fleet of Wind Turbines

5.9 NextEra

5.9.1 NextEra Energy Revenue

5.9.2 NextEra Energy Resources

5.10 Nordex AG

5.10.1 Nordex Revenue

5.11 Qingdao

5.12 Siemens Wind Power A/S

5.12.1 Siemens Fossil Power Generation

5.12.2 Siemens Renewable Energy Revenue and Orders

5.12.3 Siemens Regional Revenue

5.13 Suzlon Energy Limited –

5.13.1 Suzlon Energy Limited

5.13.2 Suzlon acquires REpower

5.13.3 Suzlon Starts In Textile Industry

5.13.4 Suzlon wins 19.2 MW Repeat Order From The Baidyanath Group

5.13.5 Suzlon in India

5.13.6 Suzlon Supplies the Malpani Group

5.13.7 Suzlon / Repower / REpower Systems AG – REpower USA Corp.

5.13.8 Suzlon / REpower 5M Goes Offshore

5.13.9 Suzlon / REpower 5M Largest Wind Turbine Size Of Two Soccer Fields

5.13.10 The Suzlon / REpower 5M Beatrice project

5.13.11 Suzlon / REpower: One gigawatt now installed in France

5.13.12 Suzlon / REpower International

5.13.13 Suzlon / REpower Revenue

5.13.14 Suzlon Group Owns 90% of REpower

5.14 Sinovel

5.14.1 Sinovel Provides Clean Energy And Power The World

5.14.2 Shanghai Donghai Bridge 102MW Offshore Wind Farm Pilot Project

5.15 Vestas

5.15.1 Vestas Revenue

5.15.2 Vyse Tass Added 48 Megawatt Clean Energy Fujian Energy Wind

5.15.3 Vestas 32 MW Order In Sweden

5.15.4 Vestas order 570 MW in California, USA

5.16 Wind Energy Solutions bv Winwind Ltd.

List of Tables and Figures

Table ES-1

Wind Turbine Market Driving Forces

Table ES-1 (Continued)

Wind Turbine Market Driving Forces

Figure ES-2

Utility Grade Wind Turbine Market Shares, Dollars, 2009

Figure ES-3

Utility Scale Wind Turbine Market Shipments Forecasts

Dollars, Worldwide, 2010-2016

Figure 1-1

Wind Farm Generates Electricity

Figure 1-2

Wind Turbine Size Range

Figure 1-3

How a Wind Turbine Comes Together

Table 1-4

Benefits of Wind Power for Utilities

Table 2-1

Wind Turbine Market Driving Forces

Table 2-1 (Continued)

Wind Turbine Market Driving Forces

Figure 2-2

Utility Grade Wind Turbine Market Shares, Dollars, 2009

Table 2-3

Utility Grade Wind Turbine Market Shares, Dollars,

Worldwide, 2009 and H1 2010

Figure 2-4

Wind Turbine Market Shares, Shipped Turbines,

Installed Turbines, Installed Megawatts, Worldwide, 2009 and H1 2010

Table 2-5

Wind Turbine Market Shares, Shipped Megawatts,

Worldwide, 2009 and H1 2010

Figure 2-6

Utility Scale Wind Turbine Market Shipments

Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2010-2016

Table 2-7

Utility Scale On Shore and Off Shore Wind Turbines

Dollars and Percent, Worldwide, 2010-2016

Figure 2-8

Onshore Utility Scale Wind Turbines Market Forecasts

Dollars, Worldwide, 2010-2016

Figure 2-9

Offshore Utility Scale Wind Turbines Market Forecasts Dollars,

Worldwide, 2010-2016

Figure 2-10

US Wind Power Transmission of 400 Gigawatts

Figure 2-11

Utility Scale Wind Turbine Regional Market Segments, 2009

Table 2-12

Utility Scale Wind Turbine Regional Market Segments, 2009

Figure 2-13

Texas Cost Benefits of Wind Transmission

Table 2-14

States With The Largest Percentage Of Wind Generation In 2009

Table 2-15

US State Percentage of Electricity from Wind Generation In 2009

Figure 2-16

US Wind Turbine Capacity

Figure 2-17

Enercon Regional Market Participation

Figure 2-18

Gamesa Targets China, India, and the US

Figure 3-1

Vestas Handling Wind Turbine Blades

Figure 3-2

Vestas Thanet Offshore

Figure 3-3

Vestas Geography of the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm

Table 3-4

Vestas Wind Turbine Products

Figure 3-5

Vestas Onshore and Offshore Wind Turbine Positioning

Table 3-6

Vestas Turbine Features

Table 3-7

GE Wind Turbine Products

Table 3-8

Wind Energy at GE Positioning

Table 3-9

Siemens Wind Turbine Product Set

Figure 3-10

Siemens Wind Turbine Design

Figure 3-11

Enercon Wind Turbine

Figure 3-12

Enercon E-82

Table 3-13

Enercon E82 Specifications

Figure 3-14

Enercon Drive Train With Generator

Figure 3-15

Nordex N100/2500 Largest Turbine In The Product Line

Figure 3-16

Sinovel Wind Turbines

Figure 3-17

Clipper Wind Turbine Manufacturing

Table 3-18

Clipper Liberty 2.5 MW Wind Turbine Design Components

Figure 3-19

Qingdao Jintaida Industry&Trade Wind Turbine

Figure 3-20

Qingdao Jintaida Industry&Trade Vertical Wind Turbine

Figure 4-1

Wind Energy Relative Efficiency

Figure 4-2

Kinetic Energy From Wind Converted to Electrical Energy

Figure 4-3

Key Components of a Wind Turbine

Table 5-1

Acciona Three Lines Of Business

Table 5-2

Acciona Range Of Renewable Energy Sources

Table 5-3

Wind Power Capacity Installed By Acciona Energy By Country, 2009

Table 5-4

Photovoltaic Capacity Installed By Acciona Solar (MWp)

Table 5-5

CSP Plants Operated by Acciona Energy

Table 5-6

Hydropower capacity owned by Acciona Energy in Spain

Table 5-7

Acciona Divisions

Table 5-8

Enercon Production Statistics

Table 5-9

Enercon Installed Base


Figure 5-10

Enercon Installed Capacity

Figure 5-11

Gamesa Sales Coverage

Table 5-12

Gamesa Key Performance Indicators

Table 5-13

Gamesa Key Performance Indicators, 2010

Figure 5-14

Nordex Efficiency Class

Figure 5-15

Nordex Efficiency Class Wind Turbines

Figure 5-16

Nordex Wind Market Development 2009

Figure 5-17

Suzlon Segmetn Revenue Wind Turbines

Figure 5-18

Suzlon Profile

Table 5-19

Suzlon Subsidiaries

Figure 5-20

Suzlon Manufacturing Capacity

Figure 5-21

Suzlon Revenue

Table 5-22

Suzlon Manufacturing Facilities

Figure 5-23

Suzlon / REpower Offshore Wind Turbines

Figure 5-24

Suzlon / REpower Exclusive Turbine Supplier of Talisman

Energy (UK) and Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) Project

Figure 5-25

Suzlon Wind Turbine Technical Data

Table 5-26

Sinovel Key Development Strategies

Figure 5-27

Sinovel Technology R&D

Figure 5-28

Sinovel Factory

Figure 5-29

Vestas Wind Generators

Table 5-30

Vestas Key Financial Figures for 2009

Figure 5-31

Vestas Wind Generator

Figure 5-32

Vestas Wind Generators

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