US Biotech Industry to be Worth US$ 95 Billion by 2013

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Backed by the government support and high investments, the US biotech industry will grow at the CAGR of 7% during 2009-2013, RNCOS identified.

According to our new research report “US Biotech Market Analysis”, the US biotechnology industry has been growing at the fast pace for the past few years as the market has witnessed positive developments in terms of research & development, government regulations, and new avenues. In 2009, total revenue from biotech industry in the US reached to the mark of US$ 72 Billion backed by factors like, significant public & private investments, wide use of innovative technologies, and the government support. During 2009-2013, the industry is expected to grow at the CAGR of 7% to reach around US$ 95 Billion at the end of 2013.

Our report has found that Bio-agriculture segment is the fastest growing sector in the US biotech industry. The US ranks first in terms of total biotech crops area with 64 Million Hectares of land in 2009. A strict regulation by the FDA and the USDA ensures effective utilization of resources available for biotech crops production. Moreover, private players are active in this segment as they have been frequently launching new products and making huge investments for research & development.

The report “US Biotech Market Analysis” analyzes overall biotech industry in the US and provides information on recent market trends and developments. Every important segment and aspect related to the industry have been covered and analyzed. The report illustrates these segments in an effective manner and provides reliable data regarding key areas. Sectors such as, Bio Services, Bio Agriculture, Bioscience etc. have been described taking into account regulatory measures, market trends, and private participation.

The report provides comprehensive information, prudent analysis, and reliable statistics of the biotech market in the US. An in-depth analysis of important topics such as, biotech funding, clinical trials, and the government initiatives has also been covered in the report. Moreover, the future projection in key areas makes use of effective methods and techniques that present forecasting in a realistic manner. Additionally, SWOT analysis, and recent developments of key market players have been provided in the report.

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