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UK Feed in Tariff Review Delay Can Help Refocus on Wider Wind Power Benefits, says Gaia-Wind

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Responding to the announcement that the Government’s review of Feed in Tariffs (FiTs) was to be delayed, Johnnie Andringa, CEO of Gaia-Wind, the UK’s largest manufacturer of farm scale wind turbines said, “This delay is unhelpful to both the small wind turbine industry and our customers. Understanding the FiT rate for a farm wind turbine is a key part of the decision making process and we need clarity as soon as possible. “However this is also an opportunity to focus on the other important aspects of owning a wind turbine. “With energy prices predicted to rise very steeply over coming years, the advantages of generating your own power and even selling surplus back to the grid become ever more attractive. “This means that for future wind turbine owners who start on even a partially “degressed” feed in tariff rate, the rise in income from energy prices could well mean that they will still be achieving as high – and perhaps – higher , ROIs than current turbine owners receive now.

“In addition, a Gaia-Wind turbine generating some 30,000 plus units of green electricity per year will offset around 17 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This is sufficient to erase the carbon footprint of the average 4 person household.” Notes to Editors: 1. For further information call Martin Paterson on 07920715345, email martinp@patersoncomms.co.uk or visit www.gaia-wind.com 2. Gaia-Wind Ltd is a manufacturer of world leading high performance Small Wind Turbines, servicing farms, rural properties, businesses, and community projects. The company is headquartered in Glasgow, with offices in Denmark and Italy and has appointed distributors in England, Ireland, France and the US. 3. More than 500 Gaia-Wind turbines have been “in the ground” for a combined operational time of more than 14 million hours. That’s over 1,500 years. In Denmark, 77 of our Gaia-Wind turbines have been running for more than 10 years.

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