UK biofuel legislation: used cooking oil must be in

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A debate in the UK parliament’s House of Commons has called for an amendment to current UK biofuels legislation to encourage the use of used cooking oil as a feedstock

Biodiesel manufactured from used cooking oil is one of the most sustainable renewable fuels available, using a waste product to produce energy and reduce lifecycle carbon emissions by up to 90%.

However, under the current regulatory regime, when a small proportion is derived from fossil fuels the product is deemed a fossil fuel by Ofgem, a regulatory board for electricity and gas.

‘Used cooking oil can produce significant carbon savings and is an excellent way to use a waste product and to create energy,’ Anne Main, Member of Parliament for St Albans, commented.

‘However, it seems that it is uneconomic for many producers to do so at present, because of the bonkers anomaly that has been pointed out.’

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