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Trust from quality, win from smart, Huawei Smart PV Solution is presented in PV Taiwan 2016

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World Of Renewables Network – From October 12 to 14, 2016, PV Taiwan, the most influential international PV exhibition of Taiwan was grandly opened in Taipei. Huawei showcased the advanced FusionSolar Smart PV Solution and intelligent IV curve diagnosis, a cutting-edge technology, in the exhibition.

During the exhibition, attracted by Huawei’s advanced technology and solution, a lot of customers and industry professionals gathered at Huawei’s smart PV booth. Huawei’s intelligent IV curve diagnosis technology inspects and estimates all PV strings in a plant in online mode precisely and concurrently and also accurately identifies faulty PV strings and causes. The technology helps decrease the O&M cost and increase the O&M efficiency, and turns out to be a black technology hotly discussed by participants. In addition, Huawei string inverters reach an availability of 99.996% according to the latest certification of TUV, leaving Taiwan customers with deep impression.

Central and southern Taiwan has sufficient sunlight, which means that it is a huge potential PV market. The salty, foggy, damp, and rainy offshore climate and environment pose high requirements for the quality and technology of PV plants. Huawei smart string inverters are protected to IP65, feature natural cooling, and resist dust, water, and salt spray, so they are ideal for high-temperature, high-humidity, and salt spray environments. The inverters do not require manual cleaning and maintenance, which greatly saves plant O&M cost while ensuring the reliable running of the PV power system.


It is well known that hilly areas and subsidence occupy two thirds of the total land area of Taiwan. The complex terrain is not good for a common solution because the communication is likely to disconnect due to the breaking of RS485 communications cables, which severely affecting the system running efficiency. Huawei Smart PV Solution provides the PLC technology that enables communication signals to be transmitted over power cables. Since no trench for routing RS485 cables is required, the PV plant can be quickly installed and commissioned, the construction cost is reduced, and what is more, the accuracy and timeliness of data transmission are ensured.

Huawei smart string inverters have multiple MPPT circuits, which effectively reduce the loss of energy yield caused by cloud shielding, subsidence, inconsistent directions of PV modules, and inconsistent attenuation of PV modules. Without the self-power consumption like central inverters, Huawei string inverters effectively improve the power generation efficiency by more than 3%, bringing generous benefits to PV plant investors.


At present, Huawei’s smart PV plant in Yunlin, Taiwan is highly praised by customers thanks to the high performance of Huawei smart string inverters and excellent power generation efficiency.

According to the green energy policy released in 2015 by Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan, energy yield by renewable energy is planned to occupy 20% of the total energy yield by 2025, and the PV plant capacity is planned to reach 20 GW. Huawei will actively participate in the green energy promotion activity and team up with Taiwan owners with world-class advanced technologies and concepts, to push the development of Taiwan PV industry.

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