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Trina Solar Introduces high performance monocrystalline module TSM-DC80 with 'Quad Max' cell technology

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Trina Solar will showcase the TSM-DC80 in June 2010 at Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany.

Trina Solar Limited, a leading integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic (PV) products from the production of ingots, wafers and cells to the assembly of PV modules, today announced its latest innovation – a high performance monocrystalline module (“TSM-DC80”) which uses Quad Max technology, which primarily targets the rooftop market segments. Trina Solar will showcase the TSM-DC80 in June 2010 at Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany, and it is planned to be available for sale in Europe and North America in the first quarter of 2011.

Trina Solar developed Quad Max technology using innovative manufacturing processes and proprietary, state-of-the-art metallization and passivation techniques, which have allowed Quad Max cells to yield conversion efficiencies of up to 18.8% in test laboratory production. The product’s square shape allows the monocrystalline cell to harvest more sunlight by avoiding surface area loss typical with conventional octagon-shaped cells.

The TSM-DC80 features high efficiency, square-shaped monocrystalline cells with ‘Quad Max’ technology, and is expected to boost module power output by up to 8% when compared with conventional monocrystalline modules. The 72-cell premium module is also expected to have a maximum power output of over 200W, making them an excellent choice for rooftop PV applications, including residential installations where a high power-to-space ratio is a priority.

“Developed to address the growing needs of our expanding rooftop market segments, Trina Solar’s Quad Max offers homeowners and small businesses an ideal solution for rooftop installations,” said Mr. Jifan Gao, Chairman and CEO of Trina Solar. “Trina Solar is committed to providing our customers with new and innovative products and technologies such as Quad Max, which presents one of the most advanced and cost-effective PV options for rooftop and small scale ground-mounted systems.”

About Trina Solar Limited

Trina Solar Limited (NYSE: TSL), through its wholly-owned subsidiary Changzhou Trina Solar Energy Co. Ltd., is a well recognized manufacturer of high quality modules and has a long history as a solar PV pioneer since its foundation in 1997 as a system installation company. Trina Solar is one of the few PV manufacturers that have developed a vertically integrated business model from the production of monocrystalline and multicrystalline silicon ingots, wafers and cells to the assembly of high quality modules. Trina Solar’s products provide reliable and environmentally-friendly electric power for a growing variety of end-user applications worldwide. For further information, please visit Trina Solar’s website at http://www.trinasolar.com

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