Top Scottish firms say it is time to tap into benefits of wind power

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Scotland well placed to lead the world in clean, green products, says WWF

Scottish firms stand to benefit commercially from tapping into wind power, said businesses and environmentalists today. Aberdeenshire-based ice-cream manufacturer, Mackie’s of Scotland, Midlothian-based leaflet and posters distributors, EAE Ltd, and Renfrewshire-based Scotland-wide retailer M&Co joined environmental group WWF Scotland in urging more companies to follow their lead and switch to using wind energy to produce their products or provide their services.

The leading companies also threw their weight behind a global consumer label which identifies products and companies made with wind energy and called for firms to consider applying. Backed by WWF, the ‘WindMade’ label is dedicated to increasing corporate investments in wind power by informing consumers about companies’ use of wind energy, and increasing demand for products that embrace this clean and renewable energy source.

Dr Richard Dixon, Director of WWF Scotland said:

“It is great to see Scottish companies demonstrating global responsibility by supporting the use of wind power in the manufacture of their products or delivery of their service. With our huge renewable energy resources, Scotland is the place to come to create products and services with a clean, green conscience. We urge more businesses to follow these great examples of boosting business while cutting carbon emissions.

“In time we hope many Scottish firms will qualify for a WindMade label. The label will provide qualifying companies the ability to effectively communicate to consumers a commitment to wind energy that differentiates their brand, and signals a strong commitment to renewable energy.”

Mac Mackie, managing director, Mackie’s of Scotland which has three wind turbines on its land, said:

“Our investment in wind power generation has been hugely successful. Overall the wind turbines help make Mackie’s a ‘carbon positive’ company – and that even takes into account our 500 milk and methane producing cows. Just imagine the enormous amount of fossil fuels emissions that could be saved if even more businesses began using wind energy.

“In a world where electricity and energy prices will continue to rise, the natural resource of wind is an investment which makes a serious contribution to our bottom line. Our consumers have told us that it is important for them to know that our ice cream is made with renewable energy, so the idea of a label to help consumers identify products made using wind power is something we welcome.”

Neil McGeoch, managing director of MEG Renewables a wholly owned subsidiary of M&Co, which plans to use electricity generated by wind turbines to power its network of 300 UK stores, said:

“As well as providing a secure source of renewable electricity, in line with our desire to minimise our carbon footprint, owning our own wind turbines provides a valuable hedge against any future upward movements in electricity prices. We know our customers will approve and we would encourage other businesses to do likewise.”

Glen Bennet, managing director of EAE Ltd, which has its head office and distribution vans powered by renewable energy from its onsite wind turbine, said:

“We are committed as a business to going carbon neutral which is why we installed and wind turbine. The turbine now provides power to our electric van and warehouse. Tapping into wind power makes commercial and environmental sense and we’d encourage all businesses to consider using wind power if they are able to do so. A scheme that recognised companies for their use of environmentally-friendly wind power is welcome indeed.”

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