Top Technologies in Sustainable Energy in 2015

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The research service provides an in depth analysis of the top 10 technologies that is expected to have the highest impact in the energy industry in 2015. Each technology is analyzed in terms of its innovation landscape, IP landscape, industry drivers and restraints, and technology adoption region-wise. Key partnerships, funding deals and the overall market potential are also highlighted. The research service also provides a trend analysis of the sustainable energy sector and the key challenges of the sector.

Energy storage has remained the top technology in the Sustainable Energy cluster for the last 3 years, driven by the high number of patent applications, R&D funding, as well as the future market potential. Energy storage also has high disruptive potential for the energy industry, as the combination of energy storage with renewable energy can potentially replace fossil fuel-based energy on a large scale.

Shale energy has significantly impacted the energy industry, particularly in the last 5 years as the high price of oil contributed to the meteoric rise of the industry, mainly in the US. Unfortunately, the increased production of shale energy ultimately contributed to the current slowdown of the energy sector when supply outstripped demand, causing a sharp drop in global oil prices.

The transformation of the national electricity grid is inevitable with the increasing deployment of renewables. The complexity of the future electricity grid has drawn the attention of not only renewable energy developers but also energy storage providers and system integrators. A key supportive grid infrastructure is ICT, with applications including grid security, big data, and predictive analytics. Instead of depending on the rollout of smart grid technologies, regulators are now piloting microgrid initiatives first.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

2. Lithium Batteries

3. Unconventional Oil

4. Bioenergy

5. Waste Heat Recovery

6. Microgrid

7. Portable Renewable Power

8. Fuel Cells

9. Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG)

10. Big Wind Power

11. Low Voltage DC

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