Tidal Energy Summit '08

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11 – 12 November 2008

Funding * Technical Developments * Legislation * Global Opps * Supply Chain

Working Groups / Feedback Session / Case Studies / Interactive Format

Tidal Energy is more predictable than wind and wave and has massive potential for substantial contribution to the renewable generation mix. To achieve maximum potential, however, significant steps need to be taken to secure operations supply chains, develop durable devices, and gain consent and regulatory permits.

The 2nd Annual Tidal Energy Summit 2008 will provide a unique opportunity for the entire Tidal community to educate and interact with one another. This year’s summit will tackle the key obstacles to develop smooth device deployment and future commercialisation.

Communication, discussion and dialogue are all needed to help drive the Tidal industry forward. This year’s summit will do exactly that – providing unprecedented interactive working group discussions and feedback to the entire conference contingent. Contribute to our hands-on working group discussions, chaired by influential players in the tidal community. Have your say, share your views and take away collaborative strategies to evolve the industry.

Key issues will be addressed by industry experts through engaging presentations, providing the framework and background for hands on working group dialogue and true community interaction during the Summit .

If you want to be an integral player in the Tidal community, you need to be a part of the Tidal Energy Summit 2008. Learn, network and collaborate with Tidal developers, regulatory bodies, and players from across the supply chain. Read on for an overview of this year’s show and how you can get involved…

Get your name down to find out the latest developments for this pioneering tidal industry event…

Summit Format:

The event will provide in depth insight into real progress affecting the Tidal industry in several ways:


Specific topics explored through industry analysis and assessments

Case Studies

Real life examples of Tidal device progress

Working Group Discussions

Table level moderator led conference wide discussion – Interactive discussion to address the issues that affect you most. Ask pertinent questions, brainstorm industry obstacles and share experience

Feedback Sessions

Working group discussion feedback – Moderators give feedback on strategies and ideas raised in the discussions

List of developers ALREADY attending:

  • Marine Current Turbines
  • Lunar Energy
  • Tidal Generation Limited
  • Open Hydro
  • Hammerfest Strom
  • Blue Energy
  • Tidal Stream
  • Pulse Generation
  • Tidal Sail
  • C-Power
  • Ecofys
  • Hydro-Gen
  • BioPwoer systems Pty Ltd
  • GCK Technology
  • Greenheat Systems Ltd
  • Robert Gordon University
  • UEK Corporation
  • Octoply
  • Minesto
  • Tocardo Tidal Energy

Stand out from the crowd by perhaps exhibiting or sponsoring this event to maximise the impact your company has. Our sponsorship team will be willing to create a bespoke package for you today!

5 Great Reasons to Attend!

1. Cutting edge industry insight

Tidal energy has real potential but are we in danger of the opportunity for this to be recognized being missed? With the credit crunch really taking a bite investors are even more eager than ever to ensure a return on their investment and utilities companies are battling to provide a service despite soaring oil prices – budgets are tight! This is a chance to get to grips with detailed knowledge about the global resource, new regulations which apparently will streamline the consenting process, global opportunity available for tidal because lets face it, its not just the climatic condition that will result in you choosing a site for deployment but political will and incentives and of course those all important technology updates!

2. Independent and demand led approach

The 2nd Tidal Energy Summit is an independent and demand led event. We’re not here to sell you a particular party-line, idea, piece of research or vendor solution. There is no hidden agenda – we’ve built this event on the foundation of extensive research with your peers and the result is simple: a comprehensive event built by people working in tidal energy for people who continue to work in tidal energy.

3. Focused and practical content

Each and every session exists to offer practical advice on the challenges you face. Practical and honest accounts will allow you to take away strategies ready to be implement immediately and provide you with a clear route map for development.

4. Genuinely interactive format

Even with speakers of the highest caliber there is only so much you can take in from formal presentation. The 2nd Tidal Energy Summit recognises this, and in addition to the finest presentations you are able to ask the questions you need answers for, stimulate debate in areas you want to discuss and leave prepared to tackle the challenges you currently face.

5. Unprecedented networking opportunitie s

The event is the perfect opportunity to network with tidal developers, manufactures, investors, utilities, test centers, leading associations, offshore operators and contractors and environmental/engineering consultants. Develop relationships with new and old contacts alike in an unrivalled 12+ hours of networking time.

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If you have any queries about the event or would like to get involved, please contact us on the details below:

Abbie Badcock

Tidal Today
T: +44 (0)207 375 7581
E: abbie@tidaltoday.com

Sophia Quilter

Marketing Director

Tidal Today

T: +44 (0)207 375

E: squilter@tidaltoday.com

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