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Thin Film Solar Technology Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011 to 2017

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Thin film solar panel and systems market segments include CadTel. CadTel is attracting more attention than CIGS thin film

WinterGreen Research announces that it has a new study on Thin Film Solar Panel and System Market Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011-2017. The 2011 study has 496 pages, 189 tables and figures. Thin film solar energy units are evolving vacuum based solid state technology.

The need to reduce reliance on coal and fossil fuels is intuitive. The science agrees — climate change is a reality. Citizens want to do something about climate change. Countries wish to not have dependence on foreign suppliers.

Thin film solar panel and systems market segments include CadTel. CadTel is attracting more attention than CIGS thin film. Thin film silicon solar cells use significantly less silicon, about 1/100th the thickness of the normal silicon layer. The thin film silicon solar cells production process is far shorter than that for crystalline silicon solar cells. Therefore thin film silicon solar cells are expected to greatly expand the potential of solar energy.

Those price declines are healthy for the overall industry. Solar markets need price parity with petroleum based energy sources. The process of separating the strong players from weaker ones is ongoing. U.S. solar wafer maker Evergreen Solar did not make the grade. Those countries that invest in the technology are going to be the ones that achieve significant market advantage.

Growth of solar markets will depend on continued investment in energy infrastructure by governments. When you think about it, there is no better investment government can make than in achieving development of low cost, reliable solar energy. This availability of low cost energy is what makes an economy hum. Some governments are sure to recognize these issues and make the investment, others will not.

Markets at $2.9 billion in 2010 are set to grow to $44 billion by 2017, with the total solar energy market reaching $ 1 trillion sometime in the middle of 2021.

WinterGreen Research is an independent research organization funded by the sale of market research studies all over the world and by the implementation of ROI models that are used to calculate the total cost of ownership of equipment, services, and software. The company has 35 distributors worldwide, including Global Information Info Shop, Market Research.com, Research and Markets, Bloomberg, and Thompson Financial.

Source: Market Research.com

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