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The UK Could Collectively Save £Millions and Reduce Carbon Emissions by Green-Lighting Their Business

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Companies looking to reduce carbon emissions and save up to 43% costs in power consumption.

PowerStudio 2.0 Power Management applies policies and profiles across all PCs while also being able to save documents and perform standby, hibernation, shutdown, remote wake up and automatic start up for night time maintenance.

Certero: IT Asset Management Specialist, Certero, has launched PowerStudio™ 2.0 <http://www.certero.co.uk/products/powerstudio/20340> for companies looking to reduce carbon emissions and save up to 43% costs in power consumption[1]. With the sting from the recession’s tail still present and volatile energy prices causing consternation, businesses should seriously think about employing power management functionalities across all their desktops, says Certero.

Research driven by the Alliance to Save Energy[2] suggests there are 17 million employees in the UK who use a PC at work; and it is thought that if Business Britain were to invest in power management software there would be a collective saving of 55, 723 tonnes in carbon emissions and up to £10.2 million per annum.

PowerStudio 2.0 is a backward compatible web-based management application that allows organisations to easily apply power policies and profiles across all their desktops. These include setting alerts to place all office PCs into hibernation, standby and shutdown as well as automatic start-up for maintenance during out of office hours. Critically, PowerStudio 2.0 saves documents before running the automatic policies to prevent the frustrating loss of work many organisations fall victim to. It also has the ability to wake up remote PCs via web browser, mobile device and email.

Based on Certero’s successful PowerStudio <http://www.certero.co.uk/products/powerstudio/20340> , PowerStudio 2.0 is the next generation of power management tools from the company. It has the experience required to align product development with real business value having previously provided strong ROI for RAF Falklands, Leicestershire County Council, Hull City Council, Diodes, Gentoo Group, Wiltshire NHS, Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust, amongst others.

Certero’s PowerStudio 2.0 costs considerably less than similar products from other brands and what truly differentiates the company is the consultancy it provides. By assessing its clients’ business needs, Certero is able to recommend the policies and profiles required to reduce needless costs and carbon footprint, bringing companies in line with the Carbon Trust’s Big Business Refit initiative. Further product benefits include the limited training required to use it and the thin client operating system which reduces the need for storage space.

John Lunt <http://uk.linkedin.com/in/johnlunt> , Managing Director and Co-founder of Certero, says, “With a third of UK workers leaving their PCs on overnight[3] and at the weekend, it’s amazing how much power and money is wasted on unused electricity. It’s time UK businesses green-lighted their operations to actively contribute to the green agenda by powering down desktops when they are idle or not in use. If ever there was a need for another reason for companies to save energy and help protect the planet, then surely the massive cost savings will help convince them”.

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