The role of Norwegian hydropower in Europe’s renewable development

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With adequate interconnections, like the one planned with the UK, Norwegian hydropower could back up an increased wind development in Northern Europe.

By expanding its cable links to other North European countries, Norway can significantly help the effort the EU is making to increase electricity production and distribution from renewables.

The latter was stated during a press conference by Nobuo Tanaka, executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), who said he approved the proposal to lay two sea cables between Norway and the UK to connect the two countries.

According to Tanaka, the huge Norwegian hydropower could, besides meeting the country’s needs, provide sustainable energy to utilities operating in Northern Europe. It would thus provide a backup that would allow to grid-connect an increased amount of the unstable energy that is produced by wind farms. Also, Norway could use wind power of Nordic seas in case of hydropower shortage.
Tanaka concluded that a link aimed at achieving this exchange between hydropower and wind shows more advantages than projects that count on fossil fuels for the same purpose.

The feasibility study regarding a 700-kilometre long dual cable link between Norway and the UK is still ongoing and, according to official sources, it will be completed over the next few months. The connection also includes a link with the major wind farms of the North Seaand with the various petrol rigs in this area, for electricity supply.

Sourc: Enel Green Power

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