The goal of MOEA to increase the photovoltaic bidding volume by 45,000 kW in 2013 has been successfully achieved

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The bid opening on the 4th MOEA photovoltaic power generation equipment bidding operation was conducted on September 11th.

There were a total of 164 bid-winning roof-top projects and 2 bid-winning ground projects with a total volume of 45,124.9 kW, thus achieving the goal of increasing the out put volume by 45,000 kW in 2013.

As indicated by Bureau of Energy, the MOEA, increased photovoltaic out put volume of 45,000 kW and the related schedule in 2013 was announced on July 9th, and it has drawn to it a huge amount of applications. After review, there were a total of 376 applications determined to be in compliance with the bidding qualification with a total volume of 99,191.415 kW.

The bid opening operation was open to the bidders in person. The bid awarding method was based on the discount rate, where the one with higher discount rate will be selected in favor over the one with lower discount rate. The volume cap of this phase was 45,000 kW. If the total amount after the addition of the final bid winning project has exceeded this cap, the excessive volume will still be counted, but it will be limited to 2,500 kW for roof-top projects and 500 kW for ground projects. There were a total of 166 bid winning projects in this phase with a total volume of 45,124.9 kW and an average discount rate of 16.19%. The highest discount rate among all bidders was 25.78%, while the lowest discount rate was 14.41%. The photovoltaic feed-in-tariff rate applicable to future bid winners will be the publicly announced rate at the time of project completion minus the discount rate, which would be the publicly announced rate X (1- discount rate of the bidder).

The Bureau of Energy of MOEA has further indicated that, the photovoltaic bidding volume of this year was originally set at 90,000 kW, and with the addition of 45,000 kW, the total bidding volume of 135,000 kW has been successfully achieved. As for the application for photovoltaic installation, in addition to continuously accepting the applications for bidding-free projects, all other applications will only be accepted after the announcement of photovoltaic promotional target volume and bidding-related rules for the next (2014) year.

Spokesperson for Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs: Deputy Director-general, Wang Yunn-ming
Telephone number: 02-2773-4729 Mobile: 0910-216-359

Technical Consulting Contact: Section Chief Wen-Tsung Lan
Telephone: 02-2775-7641 Mobile: 0988-396-386

Source: Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs

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