The fuel is another key part of Tesco’s commitment to achieve 50% cuts in carbon emissions by 2020.


Tesco has become the first UK retailer to receive certification from OFGEM, the government’s energy ombudsman following two years of research and development to produce a unique fully renewable ethanol bio fuel in Britain. The fuel is another key part of Tesco’s commitment to achieve 50% cuts in carbon emissions by 2020.

The fuel, based on ethanol created from organic waste products, has seen Tesco granted a Renewable Obligation Certificate – a stringent certification that confirms the fuel contains absolutely no traces of traditional fossil fuels and is 100% renewable.

The fuel is currently being used to fuel specially adapted Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generators at two stores at Dumfries and Cheetham Hill.

Bukky Bird, Head of Environment in Tesco’s Property Services Team, said: “This has been the culmination of two years’ hard work by Tesco and to receive such exclusive recognition by the government is a huge boost for our renewable energy programme. Throughout the process Tesco has fostered an important relationship with the supply chain and will look to roll out the fuel to more stores in the near future as we cement ourselves becoming a zero carbon retailer by 2050.”

Renewable Obligation Certificates are issued on each MWh (Mega Watt hour) of electricity generated by renewable power sources (these include biofuels, wind and solar energy sources). These certificates can be sold to electricity suppliers, at a cost set by OFGEM, to enable them to cover their commitment to providing a proportion of renewable energy to customers.

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