Tenesol’s new Benelux subsidiary builds first PV system

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Tenesol, the global PV solutions provider, has established a new subsidiary in Belgium that will service the Benelux countries (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg).

The subsidiary recently completed its first PV project in the region, the largest private PV installation in Wallonia.

Tenesol has operated in Belgium through its distribution network for many years. But its decision to open a new office there reflects the growing popularity of its products in the region and the increased interest in alternative energy.

First PV project

The new subsidiary’s first project is a 250 kWp turnkey system built on a sunshade structure, over a local company’s car park – a first in Belgium. The 1,700m2 installation is one of the largest car park PV systems in Wallonia, and the largest owned by a private company.

Tenesol built the system for Monnaie Bays, an industrial painting specialist located in Strépy-Bracquegnies, southern Belgium. The system provides 50% of the company’s annual 500 MWh electricity needs and generates revenue by feeding some of the electricity it produces back to the local electricity grid.

Positioning the 1,000 PV modules over the car park was an affordable and practical option for the customer. Other options included placing the system on the company’s roof, which would have required reinforcing the roof, or positioning it on nearby land, which the customer would have to purchase. The current solution also offers weather protection to employees’ vehicles.

“We hope that this installation will encourage further growth of PV installations in Wallonia,” says Pascal Couneson, project manager at Monnaie Bays. “Many small to medium sized businesses in the region operate in industrial sectors and use a lot of electricity. To manage this cost over the long-term, PV technology is an ideal solution. It is a sound investment that significantly reduces our reliance on traditional power provision. It also blends in well with the landscape and improves our green credentials.”

The Monnaie Bays project is supported by local government official Jean-Claude Marcourt, Minister for Economy, SMEs, Foreign Trade and New Technologies in Wallonia.

New subsidiary

Heading up Tenesol’s new subsidiary is Jan De Rybel, the new general manager. He brings an engineering background and experience in the renewable energy business to the company.

“The Benelux market is full of opportunity,” he says. “Modules prices are falling and interest in the market continues to grow, even with reductions in the solar incentive scheme. Installers are very busy completing projects before the next deadline. At Tenesol, we are developing our turnkey operations and investing in new staff so we can build our market position and capitalise on the market’s potential.”

Tenesol’s new office is in the heart of Brussels. With an advanced production facility in Toulouse, France, the company is well placed to serve the growing needs of the Belgian market.

Tenesol’s distribution network delivers its wide range of PV modules and services throughout Belgium. With a wealth of experience, the network works closely with clients to meet their needs and help develop their businesses.

About Tenesol

A rapidly expanding global player in the field of solar energy (with a turnover of €304 million in 2010, which has increased 25% per year for three years), Tenesol works on behalf of businesses, local authorities and private individuals. For more than 27 years, Tenesol has been engineering, designing, manufacturing, installing and operating solar energy systems. Its services cover systems that produce or consume the energy they generate (off-grid sites, electricity grid connected, solar water heating) for customers around the globe. A benchmark player in its sector, Tenesol currently has a staff of over 1,000 employees across 24 subsidiaries including two production facilities, one in Toulouse (France), the other in Cape Town (South Africa).

For more information, please visit: http://www.tenesol.com/?lang=en.

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